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“The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.”

– Helen Keller.

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”


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Anesthesia at the dentist in pregnancy: Yes or No?

Is the fear of using an anesthesia during pregnancy for dental treatment justified? Many women postpone their visit to the dentist or are not sure what to do if they have dental problems.

Here’s what you need to know.

Many women during pregnancy tend to neglect their oral health due to fears of using anesthetics or other medications. Whenever possible, it is certainly recommended to postpone some types of dental treatments. However, it is good to reassure many women about the possibility of administering local dental anesthetics even during gestation.

In some cases, it may be more harmful to the mother and baby to neglect some problems of the oral cavity. Just think of periodontal pathologies which, in particular conditions, could lead to the risk of preterm birth or the birth of underweight babies. In these cases, therefore, it is advisable to overcome your fears. And rely on the care of your trusted dentist. In fact, every dentist knows very well how to behave in these cases and will intervene with precautionary measures to ensure that the therapies performed do not interfere in any way with the health of the unborn child.

What dental care in pregnancy

To prevent dental pathologies in the gestational period. It would be advisable for the expectant mother to make check-ups before the conception of a child. So as to undergo any treatment in complete safety.

If you have problems with your teeth during pregnancy. It is preferable to wait until the second trimester or postpartum to put into practice dental treatments such as dental extractions or root canal treatments.

In general, drugs and x-rays should be avoided in the first trimester, while only emergency therapies strictly necessary for pain control should be carried out.

In the second trimester, however, it is possible for the mother to undergo simple and short-term dental therapies.

Finally, in the third trimester, treatments must be scheduled based on the mother’s health status. And the ability to resist in the supine position due to the fetal encumbrance.

However, if strictly necessary, dental care can be carried out every quarter. Infectious states or acute painful states of the oral cavity. If they are neglected, can represent a greater risk for the health of the woman and the fetus. If left untreated, infections of the oral cavity could spread through the bloodstream. It reaches the genitourinary tract and passes the amniotic membrane with risks for the fetus.

When it is not possible to postpone dental treatment, the dentist will proceed with the utmost caution. Administering only light local anesthetics or drugs appropriate to the patient’s condition.

In any case, before undertaking any type of treatment it is advisable to consult your gynecologist, who knowing in detail the state of health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child. It will be able to indicate any critical issues to which more attention should be paid.

Anesthesia yes or no?

The ‘ local anesthesia dentistry, if practiced with all the attention the case, has no contraindications for the expectant mother and the baby.

Since it is an exclusively local type of anesthesia. It is in fact eliminated from the body in a short time. Moreover, the chemical composition of this type of anesthetics is not able to cross the placental membrane, therefore it cannot cause any damage to fetal health.

Undesirable effects may arise only in the event of an overdose or injection directly into the bloodstream.

However, it is advisable to consult with your gynecologist before using any type of anesthetic. We remind you that any small operations under local anesthesia can be performed between the third and sixth months of pregnancy.

Other Medicines

Taking some types of drugs that are normally prescribed after specific dental treatments is not recommended during pregnancy. In any case, it is preferable to avoid taking any type of medicine in the first 12 weeks of gestation.

However, when drug therapy is indispensable, the adoption of various precautions is sufficient to minimize the risks for the child. For example, among the antibiotics, penicillins, macrolides, and cephalosporins are to be preferred, while among the analgesics the most suitable is paracetamol.

The Next Things You Should Do For Woman Success

You want to be like those women who have accomplished and are doing things in their life. Between desire, project, and materialization, you still have difficulties in shaping what you want to achieve. Before looking for external causes, let’s start with who you are. Do you have the characteristics, demeanor, and/or character traits that make you a powerful woman? Let’s take the example of 7 women who are the embodiment of what a powerful woman is, to have the answer to this question.


There is no success without work. You have to surpass yourself, propose, invest your time in a project that you want to see evolve positively. If you think that working is only going to allow you to travel and get up when you want to, you haven’t yet realized the value that hard work can bring to you: SUCCESS. Be that woman of success by taking pride in your work.


A successful woman has many different qualities, Tamara Mellon has understood that having values ​​is part of it. When success presents itself, it can quickly rise to your head and change your personality. Having important values ​​will allow you to keep a cool head and move forward with your head held high at each stage of your life.


Helping others is not a weakness, on the contrary, whether in the professional or personal sphere. When we talk about helping others, we always think of disadvantaged people. There are people who just need a helping hand to move in the right direction and find their motivation. Tyra Banks is one of those successful women who believe that helping others can grow her business just like helping these women find themselves.


Joanna Coles realizes that every interaction is valuable. Whether it’s meetings or events. In reality, we do not know where it will lead us or what it can bring us. But beyond what we can receive, it is important to appreciate all that you have, to value each meeting that you make. Imagine a domino game, where all the dominoes are arranged to achieve a goal. You have the goal, but the path is abstract. Every domino, every event is important to achieve this goal.


Knowledge is a strong kind of power and success. We learn about life every day at school, about our relationships. Nothing is to be put aside when one seeks to enrich one’s knowledge. Learning will allow you to develop your knowledge and confidence in what you say and what you do.


You should not accept all types of occasions, because in reality, not everything that looks like something positive is. Your strength will be in the way you analyze and make it a positive asset in your life. Having an opportunity doesn’t just mean having an opportunity to grow physically in the world, the opportunities are even found in failure. In any situation, we can learn a lesson to keep.


Fear is one of the biggest breaks that exist and the worst thing, you are the only one to put it in your way. We can’t repeat it enough, but you are unique, and what you can accomplish no one can do like you, because you bring your personal touch to it. Realize your potential and what you can contribute. Be confident in your abilities.

Being a successful woman cannot be improvised, you have to build yourself to become what you aspire to be. The character, the vision, the different stages of your life will lead you to this goal. Stay strong and determined!

6 Budget-Friendly Tips for Reducing Energy Costs

Not everyone can afford to put a new energy-efficient climate control system for their home, but there are budget-friendly ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption that not only make your home more comfortable but can lower your heating and cooling costs as well. Here are six tips to make your home more energy-efficient on a budget.

Free and Easy

Some of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your energy usage are also free. Close off unused rooms. Use window treatments, such as blinds and shades, to keep the sun out in the summer and let the sun in during the winter. Unplug unused electronics because they use electricity even when they’re off.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat offers a potential energy bill savings of $180 a year. With a programmable thermostat, you control the heat every hour of every day. Program a comfortable temperature when you are home and reduce it when you are at work. Most programmable thermostats have options to customize the settings daily to fit your schedule.

Insulate Your Hot Water Heater

If your hot water tank is an older model, you can save energy and money inexpensively by wrapping it in an insulating blanket made specifically for hot water tanks. You can purchase an insulating blanket kit at home improvement stores for less than $50. An insulating blanket reduces standby heat losses by as much as 45 percent.

Vacuum Behind the Refrigerator

Refrigerators consume a lot of energy and older models are big power hogs. To help your refrigerator run more efficiently no matter how old it is, gently vacuums and dust the coils behind the unit twice a year. Clean coils keep the fan balanced and functioning at optimum levels.

Seal Your Windows and Doors

If you feel drafts around your closed doors and windows, see gaps around the trim or peeling paint on the door or window frame, your home has air leaks. Closing the gaps around frames with sealant is an affordable do-it-yourself project that can result in significant reductions in heating and cooling costs.

Install window film to reduce energy loss in the cold winter months and reduce heat from the sun’s rays in the summer.

Insulate Your Attic and Basement

If your home is drafty, exhibits uneven room temperatures and you have high heating bills, it is likely that you don’t have enough attic and basement or crawlspace insulation. If you can’t do both, insulate the attic first because that’s where the bulk of your heat goes in the winter. You can install some types of insulation yourself, but adding insulation is a project that pays off even if you have to hire a contractor.

Most states offer a Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) that provides financial assistance to eligible homeowners who want to improve their home’s insulation and air sealing. Check your state’s official website for more information.

Benefits of Advanced Placement Classes for College-Bound Teens

You may have heard your teachers talking about advanced placement, or AP, courses and why they’re important if you’re considering going to college. However, a lot of students shy away from them because they are worried that they will negatively impact their GPA scores. The reality is, AP courses are worth more even if you get a lower grade than you would in a regular class. These courses are college-level, which means they offer a number of perks to the high school students that take advantage of them. Don’t believe it?

Recommendations for single mothers seeking employment

Around 1 and a half million women head a single-parent family in our country. Women who, on many occasions, have to get ahead without more help than themselves and who in 65% of cases find it difficult to make ends meet, according to Save The Children.

If this is your case, at the Adecco Foundation we can help you find a job through our network of offices and job offers. To do this, register your CV Job portal and sign up for the offers that suit your profile.

But in addition, in this article we propose some tips that will help you reflect on the (sometimes) so difficult task of reconciling employment and family and that, we hope, will contribute to making it something easier for you. Take note!

What to do if I cannot find a working day adapted to my situation?

65% of women who head single-parent families find it difficult to combine their professional role with caring for their own, demanding more work-life balance measures, according to the V Report on Single-parenthood and Employment, prepared by the Adecco Foundation. What to do in these cases?

According to Estefanía Fernández, a consultant for the Adecco Foundation in Navarra: “it is convenient to anticipate possible job proposals incompatible with the day we are looking for, betting directly on jobs that allow some flexible hours, even as a freelance. It is also a good measure to look for alternatives such as “time banks ”  of municipalities or entities, where you exchange services or favors without any economic counterpart. Its objective is to help families to solve small problems of daily life and, ultimately, to promote the creation of social networks based on mutual aid and solidarity ”.

For her part, Yolanda Quintana, a consultant for the Adecco Foundation in the Balearic Islands adds that: “ if we have not found a job adapted to our situation for a long time, a change in professional profile may be recommended, it does not have to be a change of sector but it can be a change of profile within the same sector ”. Quintana agrees with Fernández on the usefulness of seeking public resources such as summer schools, daycare tickets, or extracurricular activities, which allow mothers to fulfill their working hours while their children are well cared for. In addition, it alludes to the importance of creating a “ help network”, not only of relatives but with “friends, neighbors and other families in the same situation who can help us”.

 How to deal with my situation in the company?

Although having or not having children should not be the subject of a job interview, it is a question that could come out at some point. In this case, Quintana highlights the importance of “emphasizing that family responsibilities are not a problem since otherwise, it could arouse reluctance in the company.” To do this, it is vital to “ organize very well on a day-to-day basis, anticipating the unforeseen events that may arise (medical appointments, getting sick, etc.), through support networks and other alternatives, because only in this way will we be able to fulfill our day without setbacks. Planning will be our best ally ”.

If once we are hired, and despite having planned the possible unforeseen events, we have to absent ourselves from our position, “we have to show an open and flexible attitude with the company, emphasizing that we can compensate for this absence by staying longer another day or by being available to special needs that arise. The important thing is that they see us committed to the project and that they know that they can count on us ”.

How do I deal with financial problems with my children?

Estefanía Fernández highlights that: “it all depends on your age. If they are older, we can communicate it to them naturally and with a responsible and common position, and making them aware that we can all contribute and help. If they are minors, it is best not to worry them excessively, but to make them participate so that they are aware that they have to tighten their belts. A very good option is to involve them from a very young age in volunteer activities with people with financial difficulties. For example, going to help soup kitchens or any other similar initiative that helps us to be more human and less materialistic ”.

I don’t have enough time for my children, how do I manage it?

Being a single mother or father can be very stressful since the little free time available is invested in solving logistical issues of the home and children. However, the Adecco Foundation consultants recommend “ trying to find moments to enjoy quality time with your children. You don’t need a lot of time, just accompany them and listen to them doing daily tasks such as homework, games, movies, or music. That they feel accompanied because our company is the best gift for them ”.

On the other hand, they also insist on the need to “never lose a positive attitude, because our spirits will spread to our children, who are in very important stages of development.

How to create a special mother’s day memories

People often get confused when they are out in the market to buy Mother’s Day presents. They want to purchase just the right gift that will make their mothers smile. Finding an outstanding gift for Mother’s Day is extremely easy, believe me. You can get a coffee maker, jewelry piece, personalized stationery item, or a gadget. Whether you send a bouquet at mom’s office via mother’s day flowers delivery or give her an elegant watch yourself, she is sure to get impressed, because your presents tell her how special she is. So instead of spending time thinking about the perfect gift for mommy, use your brain to create some extra-special Mother’s Day memories.

Exploring The Beautiful Amalfi Coast!

The uniqueness of the natural landscape and the undisputed beauty of the Amalfi coastline have earned it the honor of being termed as one of the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. The oxymoronic combination of fisherman and farmer, sea, and mountain characterizes the land that’s regarded as the Amalfi coast. Thanks to the endless efforts made by man, the mountains have learned to adapt themselves to the demand of life over the centuries. Small pebble beaches, charming coves, bays, cliffs, natural arches, caverns, and deep fjords can be found at the Amalfi coast because it plunges into the sea. Over the ages, these natural elements have helped the area in becoming a seductive, sinuous, and enchanting landscape.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that in ‘Odysseus’, the epic poem of Homer, this particular area is called the Land of the Sirens. A very picturesque landscape is created by typical houses that have been painted with warm pastel colors and are leaning against each other as they follow the natural slopes that are part of the foothills of Mount Lattari. Dry stone walls are used for building the characteristic terraces, which provide a unique sensory experience as they expand the intense smell of the vineyards, lemon groves, brooms and not to mention the salty air.

The pearls of this land are thirteen and are located on a stretch of road, which is often regarded as one of the most scenic roads in the world. The tourists can feel strong emotions as the road is ripped with bare rock. They will have pleasant memories of this place and will leave with an intense desire to come back to visit this place that almost seems like a piece of heaven on earth.

Some of the notable pearls of Amalfi Coast are:


This is a small fishing village that products fishing-related products, which have made it famous all over the world. It creates various culinary specialties like red tuna and the salted anchovy sauce.


Set amongst the green mountains, this is a group of districts and villages that are full of vineyards.


This fascinating town is the oldest on Amalfi Coast and has some important and notable monuments.

Vietri Sul Mare:

This area is renowned over the world for the production of ceramics and is considered the gateway of the Amalfi Coast.


This is a charming old town, although it looks pretty new and has narrow alleys and streets that help it in standing out.


This town comprises the remains of the ancient Roman villa and the hand-made pasta of this area is extremely tasty.


Having breathtaking views, this town has some architectural treasures that have enchanted important artists and writers, and even chiefs of states for years.


With a picturesque square, this is one of the smallest municipalities in Southern Italy.


This town draws tourists for its important buildings and having a look at the production of handmade paper in Amalfi.

Apart from these pearls, there are others like Furore, Positano, and Priano that are known for their Amalfi Coast rentals and other beautiful facilities and sights.

Why is women’s empowerment important for development?

Women must have a voice and vote in all areas so that they can participate on equal terms in dialogue and decision-making, to influence the decisions that will determine the future of their families and their country.

When we speak of empowerment we are referring to greater autonomy for women, their recognition, and the visibility of their contributions. The empowerment of women implies that they participate fully in all sectors and at all levels of economic activity to build strong economies, establish more stable and fair societies, achieve development, sustainability, and human rights goals and improve the quality of life of women. the families.

Women’s access to and control over economic and financial resources is decisive for achieving gender equality, empowering women, and for economic growth in our country.

The United Nations organization has pointed out that empirical data from various countries show that increasing the proportion of women’s controlled household income, from what they earn themselves or from money transfers, modifies spending patterns in ways that they benefit daughters and sons, and entire communities. Also, UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact published the Principles for the Empowerment of Women that offer the private sector some practices and policies on how to empower women in the workplace.

These principles consist of the following:

  • Promote gender equality at the highest level of leadership;
  • Treat men and women equally at work;
  • Respect and defend human rights and non-discrimination;
  • To watch over the health, safety, and well-being of workers;
  • Promote education, training and professional development of women;
  • Undertake business development, supply chain, and marketing practices for women’s empowerment; and
  • Evaluate and disseminate the progress made in favor of gender equality.

9 Things Women Should Know About Menopause

When you talk about menopause you will mostly hear words like hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, night sweats, etc. But there are also side effects of menopause as well as some upsides which few people know or talk about. The good thing is that this transition can empower you. Here are some facts that maybe you do not know and also advice as to how you can make this time easier.

A Guide to Just Found Out I’m Pregnant

Just found out I’m pregnant; Congratulations on the big news, we are here to help you in the most emotional phase of your life, Pregnancy. We are here to guide you through the ins and outs, the happiness and fears of pregnancy. We have got all the expert advice for you, we will never let you miss anything.

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Looking Your Best

Nowadays most of us are busier than ever. Whether you are studying, raising a family, or going all-out in a new career, your mind and body are working overtime. But it is still important to take some time for yourself so that you look and feel as energized on the outside as you do on the inside.

Women Spending Power

These days, women have far greater spending power than in the past. In days gone by, the norm was that the family entertainment budget was more likely to be spent by the man of the house in the local pub. But in recent times, things have changed dramatically, and those involved in the catering trade would do well to take note to keep up.

5 Budget-Friendly DIY Car Detailing Tips

You shell out a lot of cash to buy a new car, not only in the way of loan payments (complete with interest), but also for registration, insurance, fuel, and of course maintenance. So it only makes sense to protect your investment so that it can continue to serve your transportation needs for many years to come and retain as much value as possible for eventual resale or trade-in. And part of the process includes regular cleaning and detailing. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money on upkeep.

5 College Care Package Tips for Parents

Whether your child goes to a college, you will probably want to send care packages every once and a while. Of course, even if your child is going to school in your home state, you will probably drive a care package over to the dorms. Sure, this may be embarrassing for your son or daughter, but it will be appreciated later, especially when your child is missing home or simply needs to snack on something during finals week. Indeed, care packages are called care packages for a reason.

Tips to Buy the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Life Partner

A wedding is one of the most important reasons in one’s life; it is that special day when you take a step closer towards starting a new life with your loved one. The bond of love is sealed with the exchange of the wedding rings. The ring represents lifetime commitment and love towards your better half. With such importance attached to the wedding ring, you would surely want to pick the best ring for your partner. But, with so many options available in the market choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have no prior experience in buying any jewellery piece.

5 Common Clues That You Might Have Sleep Apnea

One of the most common sleeping disorders is sleep apnea. It affects more than 20 million people in the United States alone. However, what’s even more fascinating is the fact that almost 80 percent of those suffering from it have never been officially diagnosed.

How Clean Is Your Refrigeration Equipment Really?

Cleanliness is arguably the single most important part of your catering business, so strict procedures should be in place, but also that they must be followed and reviewed regularly.

Looking at your business through your customers’ eyes will help, although it is not always easy. Your customers will expect everything they use to be clean, whether that is cutlery and crockery or an ice machine in a bar or hotel. Cutlery is easy to clean because all surfaces are visible, and it can be washed thoroughly by hand or by machine, but an ice machine or similar machinery can be much trickier.

5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Diet Plan

If you’ve been wanting to take off a few pounds, the best way to do that is to exercise more and to get on some kind of diet. When it comes to the dieting part, that doesn’t mean that you have to do some kind of fad diet. In fact, according to most nutritionists and personal trainers, it’s actually best to look at dieting as more of a lifestyle change. That way, you can implement good habits that can stay with you longer than just a couple of weeks.

Quirky wedding trends for unique celebrations

Although getting married might be regarded as traditional, today’s wedding ceremonies are anything but. There is a growing trend for couples to make their day as unique and personal to them as possible. Not only does this mean conventional attire or music is not necessarily the norm, but even elements such as location, photography, and food can be given a quirky twist.

5 Budget-Friendly New Home Construction Tips

You might think that buying land and building your own home is going to be a lot more difficult and expensive than buying a house that is already built. And while the time and effort required for such a project will almost certainly exceed the purchase of a move-in-ready property, it doesn’t necessarily have to be more expensive. In truth, you could end up saving money, both up-front and down the line when you opt to build your own home. But you are going to have to engage in the planning process and put in the man-hours to make it happen. And of course, you’ll have to make wise decisions along every step of the way.