WOZA tell Mayor to man-up and he does!

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) members numbering around one thousand converged upon the Executive Mayors office in fife Street Bulawayo to urge the majoy to stand up for the constitutional rights of vendors.

As the members began their activity at city hall having marched from 11 different locations, a council staffer handed WOZA national coordinator a formal response to the WOZA open letter of 24 June 2015.

The letter confirms council position that the deadline will not be adhered to until council and stakeholders together find and expand vending sites.

The mayors letter closing calling for ‘good sense will prevail and we can be allowed enough time to organise ourselves as Bulawayo’

WOZA applaud the antiRiot police for restraining themselves and merely observing proceedings.

WOZA members keenly watch for news of a response from Mininster Chombo to the Mayor and hope it will promote peace and dignity.

see the mayors response here:
MAYOR response 25 June2015

see pictures at https://twitter.com/radiodialoguefm/status/614368793494728704

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