WOZA to march

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) members will march in solidarity with Zimbabweans who have suffered a 37 year rule of Robert Mugabe who has cared less for the citizens and failed to implement liberation war ideals including free basic education as promised. WOZA members have nonviolently marched to demand an array of social economic reforms and have been brutalized, persecuted by prosecution but finally their cries have been heard and the nations is acting. As a new dispensation is being fought for, women of Zimbabwe must stand up and demand voice for a urgent economic plan of action that will relieve day to day suffering of the masses. Role players must now turn to make this ‘Zimbabwe Democracy Project’ about the people’s daily lives so as to show us that it is not just about switching from one dictator to another and citizens will then be mobilised to act accordingly and nonviolently.

WOZA applaud General Constantino Chiwenga for his nonviolent peaceful approach yet he has all the weapons at his fingertips. Well done Son of the Soil. WOZA applaud the generality of Zimbabwe Defense Forces for conducting themselves with honour and dignity, respectful of the rights of citizens and upholding the Constitution of Zimbabwe. WOZA is proud of you sons and daughters, you have restored some pride in being Zimbabwean.

To Zimbabweans WOZA ask that you urgently register to vote – your name must be on the voters roll!!! If you do this you will be able to claim your citizenship right and it will be desperately needed.

WOZA members ask Zimbabweans to join them in demanding the following:
1. The Defences Forces, War Veterans , Political Parties could be hungry to use this as an opportunity to take power but WOZA ask that you all put personal greed aside and MAKE THIS ABOUT THE PEOPLE!
2. The Military represents an extreme patriarchal system of power, General Chiwenga and those that will take over, ensure you create urgent space for women to participate, be seen, heard and their leadership felt. Help us amplify the voices of women so we have an inclusive approach. But not just any women – WOZA is totally against the Grace Mugabe types of women greedy for power and to destroy not build a nation – MAKE THIS ABOUT THE PEOPLE!
3. WOZA demand delivery of the liberation war promise of free basic education. We call for an immediate cancellation of all school fees and levy debts for all Government Schools in Zimbabwe until a new dispensation can properly formulate the progressive realisation of the right to education ratified in all international treaties. The children deserve to go to school without worrying about outstanding debts, let them concentrate on learning as we solve our economic chaos. MAKE THIS ABOUT THE PEOPLE!
4. WOZA urgently demand the release of all political prisoners unlawfully arrested in the last days, our members having been arrested and detained unlawfully for many years As a social movement of Human Rights Defenders, WOZA demand that those in custody be released forthwith even if they themselves had previously arrested and persecuted us but two wrongs never make a right. Civil cases for corruption of party indiscipline can then be taken against them through normal channels legal or party.
5. WOZA ask Zimbabweans to TAKE CHARGE of their lives and future by registering to vote and then voting for a new brand of leadership who will be accountable to us as citizens and not to any political elite pact. As we take back the power of our citizenship role, we must maintain non violent discipline in everything we do so this time a new Zimbabwe can be built upon love, respect and equality and we can have a serious chance to lift each other out of poverty. WE THE PEOPLE ARE TAKING CHARGE.

Child HRDs deliver petition

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) child members accompanied by child mentors and national leadership delivered a petition to the Ministry of Education, Sport and Culture at 1030am in Bulawayo 11 April 2017.
Two hundred and five children and 100 adults marched from the Bulawayo Public Library to the government complex Mhlahlandlela singing protest and religious songs.
At the complex the children submitted a petition and also recited poems bemoaning the state of education in Zimbabwe. The march dispersed peacefully at 11am with police continuing to monitor from a distance.
WOZA leadership promised that WOZA and partners would coordinate legal action against the Ministry should children be chased away from school when the term begins on 9th May 2017.
“The state has promised to progressively realise the right to education but has instead retrogressed causing hardship to parent and children alike through various fees and levy. They even withhold original birth certificates if parents’ don’t pay up.” They force parents to accept payment plans at the threat of debt collectors visiting their homes to repossess property. Debt collectors even interrogate children as to the property in their homes that can be taken. When parents finally pay up they are also paying the Debt collectors fee so the cost of Education has become for the privileged” said WOZA leader Jenni Williams

WOZA leader Magodonga Mahlangu criticised Minister Dokora for failing to pay the child per capita grant since 2013 election period. She said he should be ashamed of himself. “Dokora is failing to pay the child per capita grant but then coming with a new curriculum which demands parents buy laptops and smart phones. Something is not logical in all this”

Children asked why education a crime in Zimbabwe? They feel it is a crime to go to school because of the abuse they suffer at the hands of their teachers and then they are shouted at by stressed parents, responding harshly because they cant pay the payment demands of fees and levies children are made to bring home.

“My thoughts racing in my mind, thinking of the difficulties of being literate… Exhausted of learning, finding it hard to grasp all the information, Education has now become a crime for us children” said a child from Richmond in Bulawayo

WOZA leadership had formally invited the Zimbabwe Republic Police who came and observed a descent presence protecting the best interest of the children respecting their right to protest. Unfortunately the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission turned down the invitation to participate saying it had been handed over at short notice.

An elderly man watching the procession said that Education has become hard due to unemployment as most can’t pay up. A woman also a bystander agreed that a lot of payments are demanded by schools just as WOZA has explained. A woman at a hair dressing salon said this is the WOZA we know raising issues that matter to people on the street. A woman from Nkulumane said her children were also chased away from school.
holding placards high

Children marching for Education

At 10am Tuesday 11 April 2017 Bulawayo based child members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) will march under the theme “Free Acceptable Education to Develop the Nation”.

The march will begin at the public library on the corner of 8th Avenue and Fort Street, proceed up towards Herbert Chitepo turning in toward the Mhlahlandlela Government Complex where they will hand over a petition. Over 200 child human rights defenders are expected to participate alongside 100 child mentors and Women Human Rights Defenders.

This march is a result of considerable civic education with child members since 2010 and forms part of WOZA ongoing campaigning for the full realisation of the right to education and the demand that the government of Zimbabwe fulfil its obligations to progressively realise this right.

The aim of the march is to provide children with a platform to freely express their views and opinions on matters that affect them; making them public knowledge for positive action to be taken.

Child participation is one of the core principles of the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC); which asserts that children and young people have the right to freely express their views and that there is an obligation to listen to children’s views and facilitate their participation in all matters affecting their lives. The Constitution of Zimbabwe also provides for the right to participation in Section 61 – which states that “Children have the right to express themselves freely, and seek ideas and information” and in Section 81(1) (a) which puts emphasis on the right to be heard.

WOZA are known for civil disobedience protests since formation in 2002 but for this march, WOZA has formally invited the Zimbabwe Republic Police to the event and to participate alongside the human rights defenders. The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission has also been invited to observe the peaceful procession in central Bulawayo.
see what the children have to say through poetry
Childrens POEMS for the march

WOZA Statement on International womens Day 2017

International Women’s Day Theme – “Be Bold for Change”
The Zimbabwean State translated this to Theme –
“The woman we want is bankable, business minded, brainy, beautiful bold, blessed and balanced”

March 8 of every year signifies an important milestone in the gender race as we commemorate the International Women’s Day. On this occasion, members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) are joining women in the world over and Zimbabwe, to commemorate this day. However WOZA commemorates this day with a heavy heart as women continue to lose their lives whist giving life, childbirth should be a time for celebration not mourning. Women toil daily, scavenging to put food on the table trying to turn the dream of a decent meal into a reality for their children.

The day showcases social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women in its advocacy to create awareness of the contribution of women to the development of society as positive agents of change. This year’s theme, ‘Be bold for change’, could not have come at a better time, especially when change is the talk of the day in the country but no one is walking that talk. There is a lot of active change that is required in order to bridge the gender discrepancies that exist in our country and restore democracy.

The international theme challenges each individual to be leaders within their spheres of influence by engaging in practical non-violent actions to narrow the gender gap and help women and girls realize their full potential. The Theme as selected by the Zimbabwe government is little more than window dressing in a country with a crashing economy and patriarchy becoming more entrenched daily.

Zimbabwean women have more progressive laws, policies and constitutional rights compared to the Rhodesian women. These Rhodesian woman white or black could put three decent meals on the table and go about her informal trading without much harassment. When pregnant Rhodesian women only had to register to arrive to deliver her child carrying only baby clothes. In the Independent Zimbabwe of today, women with all their so-called racial equality, progressive laws can hardly put one meal on the table. She cannot afford the pricey maternity fees which only covers a bed. She is required to bring bandages, gloves, scissors, water drips, needles, clipper to tie the umbilical code, methylated spirit and cotton wool. If unlucky to need an operation she has to bring a complete kit including the scissors used to cut your abdomen. The pregnancy nightmare could continue with your detention under guard in hospital if you cannot pay the bill. Even then if you don’t pay in full, birth records of your child are withheld.

With this comparison of Rhodesia and Zimbabwe WOZA note that Independence Day 2017 looms. Zimbabwe will turn 37 but there will be no joyfulness on that day as women don’t feel independent despite the protracted liberation war. It is women who face the brunt of injustices perpetrated by the state in the socio, economic and political arena making them slaves to a political elite calling the shots. WOZA calls on institutions, organisations, state leaders and citizens to take an honest look at themselves. As they self-introspect WOZA pray they realise that this suffering is alien to democratic systems, structures, beliefs and gender parity – it is imposed by dictatorship and patriarchy.

Zimbabweans accept that the time has come to actively change our state of affairs. The onus is on the whole population of us women by and large to challenge the status quo for change to be effected. Cognizance has to be taken to the fact that it is our right as humans and as women to be heard and hold those around us accountable as we play our citizenship role. Instead WOZA suggest the theme for International Women’s Day should be WOMAN – TAKE CHARGE

SHE must TAKE CHARGE to ensure gender perspectives be integrated into policy decisions, legislation, development plans, programmes and all other spheres of life.
SHE must TAKE CHARGE to demand Zimbabwe fulfil obligations to ensure all citizens enjoy all human rights which include socio economic, cultural and political rights.
SHE must TAKE CHARGE of food production to bring food security through all sustainable farming projects and agro businesses.
SHE must TAKE CHARGE of balancing her life though business and social volunteerism and participation in community upliftment.
SHE must TAKE CHARGE and demand government support the right to earn a living and trade in all business spaces be there street or board room.
SHE must TAKE CHARGE and demand government harmonises the constitutions so that all laws supporting the full realisation of women rights are fully implemented.
SHE must TAKE CHARGE and bring into being a free, quality and equitable education for our girl children that will enable them to live quality lives.
SHE must TAKE CHARGE of political spaces and campaigning so that genuine candidates are selected in all party primary elections processes. Candidates who must have the message of gender equality, equity and social justice drummed into their heads so they can’t sleep at night thinking of how they can deliver their election promises.
SHE must TAKE CHARGE of rebuilding their lives after the recent floods have rendered them homeless. As we stand in solidarity with the many including our members in Tsholotsho we note the deafening silence of the government making no effort to deal with the situation and restore their dignity.

To the Women of Zimbabwe, we say ‘arise’ and swim against the tide and support the SHE that is TAKING CHARGE and also take a turn to TAKE CHARGE yourself. Rise up and take your positions in the socio-economic realm of this country. Innovation and transformation is key in changing the dire situation we find ourselves in as the women of Zimbabwe, thus now is the time to TAKE CHARGE and non-violently challenge individuals and institutions to become more engendered.

As WOZA we will play our role in supporting, empowering and amplifying the voices of women as they TAKE CHARGE to deliver accountable governance to the nation.

Public Declaration – School Fees Payment Boycott!

For the URGENT attention of: ALL Education Ministries, Cabinet, Parliament and Senate of Zimbabwe

The Government of Zimbabwe has directly retrogressed in its obligation to provide free primary education according to local, regional and international instruments. The State has made no effort to correct this retrogression even after including the right to education in the Constitution Bill of Rights.
The Laws relating to the right to education are all contained in the following
a) The right to education enjoys protection in international law. Section 26 (1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) provides that, ‘Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory…’
b) The International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), in Article 13(2) (a) and (b), obliges states parties to make primary education compulsory and free, whereas secondary education “shall be made generally available and accessible”.
c) The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) provides for the right to education in Article 28. Article 28 (1) (a) places an obligation upon States parties to make primary education compulsory and free, whereas article 28(1) (b) requires states to make secondary education available and accessible to the child.
d) Article 17 (1) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights stipulates that every individual shall have the right to education.
e) Zimbabwe has canvassed these international law principles through domestication which means bring these international laws into local laws. The Zimbabwean Constitution provides for the right to education in Section 27 which states that ‘the State shall take all practical measures to promote free and compulsory basic education for children…’ Further in the declaration of rights, Section 75 entitles ‘every citizen and permanent resident of Zimbabwe to a basic State- funded education…’ The Education Act in Section 4 demands that ‘every child in Zimbabwe shall have the right to school education’.

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) representing citizens countrywide, therefore wish to publicly advise the Government of Zimbabwe, Ministry Officials, School Officials and members of the School Development Associations and Committees of the following declarations.

1. Parents will cease to pay school fees and all levies for primary level from this point forward.
2. Parents also cancel all debts accrued.
3. For secondary schooling, only the USD 10 tuition fee and statutory stipulated USD 5 levy will be accepted and paid.
4. Demand that immediately through policy and practice stop disrespecting the right to compulsory free primary and secondary education. Additionally, the government should investigate and penalise teachers or school heads who practice discrimination by chasing children who can’t pay fees from schools and allow accessibility by all children;

Education is an inheritance and a right! It must be FREE! Imfundo yilifa njalo lilungelo – Dzidzo inhkaka nekodzero.
August 2016 school fees boycott Woza Moya

WOZA to launch School Fees Boycott

Members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) will in the next week launch an escalated phase of their free primary school education campaigning.

Members resolved to launch the campaign with a peaceful march. During the march, members will call on citizens to boycott paying school fees or levies. The government of Zimbabwe continues to show no goodwill to transition the nation into a full state funded basic education system. Additionally the state continues to neglect education budgets in favour of defence budgets as if it is at war with its own citizens. WOZA believe that Government and Cabinet continue to allow political power to supercede good democratic governance, and sound economic management systems and as such the ruling political elite must be held accountable by denying revenue. How many children could have been educated by the billions looted without any action.

Just this year alone the state will have received over a 100 million united states dollars in education related revenue but despite this they continue to undervalue education and the need to provide a decent regular wage for teachers.

WOZA members have studied state obligations and international instruments which clearly show that Zimbabwe cares less and less every year for the next generation to have an opportunity to learn.

a) The right to education enjoys protection in international law. Section 26 (1) of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) provides that, ‘Everyone has the right to education. Education shall be free, at least in the elementary and fundamental stages. Elementary education shall be compulsory…’
b) The International Covenant on Social, Economic and Cultural Rights (ICESCR), in Article 13(2) (a) and (b), obliges states parties to make primary education compulsory and free, whereas secondary education “shall be made generally available and accessible”. Signing this covenant in 119 Zimbabwe had till 1993 to deliver this right intact for children but instead of progressively fulfilling this obligation the state is retrogressing.
c) The Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) provides for the right to education in Article 28. Article 28 (1) (a) places an obligation upon States parties to make primary education compulsory and free, whereas article 28(1) (b) requires states to make secondary education available and accessible to the child.
d) Article 17 (1) of the African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights stipulates that every individual shall have the right to education.
e) Zimbabwe has canvassed these international law principles through domestication which means bring these international laws into local laws. The Zimbabwean Constitution provides for the right to education in Section 27 which states that ‘the State shall take all practical measures to promote free and compulsory basic education for children…’ Further in the declaration of rights, Section 75 entitles ‘every citizen and permanent resident of Zimbabwe to a basic State- funded education…’ The Education Act in Section 4 demands that ‘every child in Zimbabwe shall have the right to school education’.

WOZA members believe the time has come to withhold revenue in the form of school fees and levies until the state truthfully and earnestly engages citizens on a plan of action to transition or fulfill its obligation on state funded basic education.

WOZA members will not only stage a peaceful march but have formulated a multi pronged strategy including an array of non violent direct action activities. This will bring the demand to all level of policy makers. WOZA have also secured legal partnership to draft a new Education Act. As the campaign is ongoing members will exposes violations of the right to education and document these so as to report Zimbabwe to the United Nations.

WOZA call on all citizens to participate in this way to hold the Government accountable and force them to the negotiating table with citizens. Enough is Enough!

Woza Moya August 2016

Police brutality against residents condemned by Matland CSOs

see also WOZA statement
State of the Nation March

Matabeleland Civil Society Organisations Press Statement
Following the unredeemable police brutal action against protests that took place between 1 – 25 July 2016 in Beitbridge, Victoria Falls and Bulawayo, The Matabeleland Civil Society Organisations (MCSOs) would like to urgently call on the Zimbabwean Government to immediately engage citizens and listen to their grievances as regards the state of the nation and its socio economic meltdown. Failure to do so may result in serious civil strife and unrest as has periodically been witnessed in the past few weeks.

It is noted with concern that, while citizens were acting well within their constitutional rights as enshrined in the Bill of Rights and other sections of the Constitution, police officers in the above mentioned areas took extreme measures to crush protests, thereby leading to violent clashes, beating of protesters, arrests and thereafter extremely inhumane treatment of detained demonstrators while in police custody. Of further concern isthe vicious retributive action taken by the police in following up after demonstrators, which led to the death of an infant and assaults on innocent civilians residing in and around Burombo flats in Bulawayo. Police heavy handedness during and after the protests is condemned in the strongest terms as many people were left suffering injuries caused by the use of force and tear gas.

As Matabeleland civil society organisations, we would like to unequivocally state the following:
1. We condemn the brutal beatings, torture, indiscriminate and careless use of tear gas and arbitrary arrests of minors and adults for exercising and enjoying their fundamental rights. We therefore appeal to all officers of the Zimbabwe Republic Police to honor and respect their Police charter and the Bill of Rights in the constitution of Zimbabwe to protect human life, human dignity and human rights and in particular children’s safety and peace of mind.
2. We call on the Government to;
-Genuinely and urgently engage citizens and listen to their grievances as regards the state of the nation, as Failure to address the socio economic meltdown may result in continued serious civil strife.
– Investigate and prosecute all human rights violations detailed in the attached report.
– Immediately repeal statutory instrument 64/2016 and review all laws that hinder citizen’s right to trade and earn a living.
– To respect, protect and fulfil fundamental rights as outlined in the Bill of Rights.
3. We call on the Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission to take its mandate and investigate, document and make recommendation on the human rights violations in this report.
4. We call on citizens to peacefully continue to demand their fundamental rights as enshrined in the Constitution.
5. We call on the regional and international community to ensure the plight of Zimbabwean citizens remain on the agenda
6. We call on the SADC, in particular the Heads of States summit to be held in Mbabane, Swaziland as from the 15th to the 17th of August 2016 to priorities the plight of Zimbabwean citizens and directly address the issues raised in this report.

Endorsed by the following Institutions:
1. Bulawayo Vendors and Traders Association
2. Habakkuk Trust
3. National Youth Development Trust
4. Public Policy Research Institute of Zimbabwe
5. Radio Dialogue
6. Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA)
7. Zimbabwe Christian Alliance
8. Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights

WOZA solidarity statement to Zimbabweans

Since its formation, Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) has conducted over 200 demonstrations, peacefully marching on the streets to voice its displeasure with the political, economic, and social state of affairs in Zimbabwe. Most Zimbabweans chose to merely watch these protests from their various conform zones, some praised, many heckled us shouting gender insults.

However WOZA wish to commend the citizens of Zimbabwe for their unified response towards the call for a stay away and national shutdown. WOZA wish to commend the non-violent nature observed only to have their peaceful action disturbed by police brutality.

WOZA note the normal government propaganda manufacturing violence on the part of citizens whilst turning a blind eye towards state sponsored and promoted violence by police officers. It was apparent from one end of the country to the other end that police officers used brutal force to deny citizens the right to express themselves and speak out about their harsh daily existence and poverty manifesting and the message that enough is enough. Violence as usual was the weapon of choice for the regime foot soldiers wearing police uniform hiding behind their shields. Despite this the citizens of Zimbabwe still delivered their message enough is enough!

The contexts assisting citizens to find their voice and act on were informed by a variety of right violations including the passing of unjust laws such as statutory instrument 64 banning of food imports; shortage of cash necessary to allow purchasing power necessary to balance out the daily survival strategies. The State and President remain dumb on what happened to 15 billion United States dollars from diamond revenue but found resources and machinery to hunt down, beat and arrest children accused of looting biscuits and sugar.

Citizens are depraved of the right to peacefully confront the government, the right to demand the internationally guaranteed rights to expression, assembly, education, health and an adequate standard of living. Zimbabweans have the right to protest clearly stated in the constitution but instead they had to select the option of a stay at home. WOZA therefore call on citizens to continue to use peaceful and dignified ways to send their message and to participate to the fullest of their ability to keep their message un-spoilt by violence. But to build up their courage as they direct presence in peaceful protests will one day soon be necessary.

WOZA reminds the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) that their mandate is to protect citizens from violence and not to practice violence. WOZA remind the police, be they in uniform or wearing plain clothes that they are first and foremost citizens of this nation and as such they owe the people their full loyalty and support.

WOZA call upon citizens to be aware of the following:

1. To refuse to allow police officer to provoke us into violent responses
2. To refuse to allow police officers to indiscriminately arrest citizens – an injury to one is an injury to all citizens.
3. Please try to protect children from violence and do not put them in harm’s way. Do not allow police officers to occupy schools intimidating children’s as is currently the case in Bulawayo schools such as Insukamini Government School and the private high school Sizane.
4. Do not participate in looting of goods and vandalising of property – these are our buildings – our development.
5. Any police officers who conduct door to door harassment and throwing of tear gas in homes must be photographed and reported to Human Rights Commission
6. Please do not forward messages inciting violence as these messages belong to people trying to reduce our voice and lengthen our suffering?

Police officers have announced through their megaphones an unlawful curfew from 6am to 6pm and cancelled weekend school and premier soccer league games in Bulawayo. This is denying citizens their freedom of movement and recreation. WOZA is working with other civic society organisations to challenge this illegally imposed curfew in Bulawayo which is reminiscent of the Gukurahundi era. see WOZA Moya Newsletter Woza Moya on stayaway July 2016

WOZA raise awareness on Childrens Rights

NINE hundred and sixty members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) at 2pm on 6 May 2016 began 4 protest at separate locations in Bulawayo central business district. Police Reaction Squad of six had already been observed monitoring certain locations in the city since early morning.

At 9th Avenue and H. Chitepo avenue WOZA members remained undeterred and began their protest under the watchful eyes of the police officers who had no option but to escort the protest along their route. All four protest converged at the intersection 10th Avenue and H. Chitepo and began their final march to the Mhlahlandlela Government Complex. At the complex, the gates had been shut by security guards denying members access to deliver the petition and police officers quickly made formation blocking the entrance into the main gate at the complex.

In anticipation of this blocking tactic, WOZA leaders Jennifer Williams and Magodonga Mahlangu had earlier delivered to the Resident Minister and Provincial Education department an open letter to Minister of Primary Education, Minister Dokora.

WOZA members, proceeded to conduct their protest programme undisturbed at the entrance to the complex. The programme included a speech by Magodonga Mahlangu defining the message to the Minister and calling on parents to defend their children against state brainwashing. Members then sang the African national anthem ‘Nkosi Sikelela iAfrica’ and recited the ‘Lord’s prayer’ before peacefully dispersing and going to their homes.

At the government complex Police officers in civilian clothing parked by the Drill hall and watched the procession. Uniformed officers noted their presence and went to consult with them on what to do with the crowd. At this time another vehicle with 7 Reaction anti Riot police officers drove out of Drill Hall and also parked next to the vehicle with plain clothed officers. These officers also then asked for instructions and were told “vakanetsa tichavarova” shona for ‘if they cause trouble we will beat them up”. Another police officer who was driving our of Drill hall called the reaction police officers and gave an instruction that they should ensure the demonstrators are not blocking the entrance into Mhlahlandlela offices, he also emphasized that they should not beat them “musavarove”, he said in shona.

During the march and at Mhlahlandlela complex, members distributed the Woza Moya newsletter detailing the issue for members of the public. People put their hands out of cars to receive it and others came to their shop door steps asking for publication.

The activity cause debate amongst the general public with many people saying they had not understood what it was all about but now they had information, they would not allow their children to pledge. One foreigner from Malawi said the government had chosen a wrong time to implement new things as the people are suffering and are waiting for socio-economic development rather than nationalism stunts. Some said that the national pledge which is forced on children will not develop or change the economic and declining education system of the country so Minister Dokora must try something else instead.

After the closing slogan was shouted out members peacefully dispersed escorted by police officers until they reached the corner of Herbert Chitepo and 10th avenue.

Open letter to Education Minister Dokora

WOZA Bulawayo members will march to hand over an open letter to Minister of Primary Education Minister Dokora. The open letter covers the view of members, adults and children who object to the manner, spirit and implementation of the national pledge.
Open leter to Minister Dokora 6may2016