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29 November is Women Human Rights Defenders Day

WOZA calls on Zimbabweans to beat the drum of peace and development to break the silence on violence WOZA joins the rest of the world’s activists in campaigning for an end to gender-based violence in the year 2013. To mark the 16 days of activism against gender-based violence, the organisation chose to look beyond the […]

WOZA applaud the constitution drafting team for a good first effort

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) applaud the drafting team for the work they have done on the draft of the Constitution and encourage them to swiftly deal with parked issues and submit the draft to the second stakeholder’s conference without further delay. WOZA has continuously engaged its members to debate constitutional issues and in December […]

WOZA and MOZA commemorate International Women Human Rights Defenders Day with march in Bulawayo

At noon today, approximately 900 members of Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise marked International Women Human Rights Defenders Day with a peaceful procession to the offices of the state-owned Chronicle newspaper in Bulawayo. No arrests have been reported as yet but as there is a visible police presence in central Bulawayo, this may change. […]

ZESA Four finally released

WOZA members arrest themselves in solidarity outside ZESA headquarters in Harare The four WOZA members arrested on Thursday outside ZESA headquarters, Jenni Williams, Magodonga Mahlangu, Clara Manjengwa and Celina Madukani, have finally been released from police custody after spending five nights in cells. The Attorney General’s office refused to press charges against the four women […]

What tolerance for ZESA Four?

Watch video footage of the demonstration here: WOZA ZESA demo Harare 15.04.10 In his Independence Day address today, President Robert Mugabe spoke of the need for Zimbabweans to “foster an environment of tolerance and treating each other with dignity and respect irrespective of age, gender, race, ethnicity, tribe, political or religious affiliation.” At the same […]

WOZA release report on state of democracy in Zimbabwe one year after formation of GNU

In 2009, WOZA started discussions on what we think the building blocks of democracy are with over 11,000 members, urban and rural, through workshops and a booklet – Building democracy with WOZA. The objective was to raise awareness that Zimbabwe needs a democratic form of government committed to making sure that all the building blocks […]

WOZA demand changes in education system in 2010

Women and Men of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) has launched a report on the state of education in Zimbabwe entitled ‘Looking back to look forward – education in Zimbabwe: a WOZA perspective‘. The recommendations contained in the report form the basis of WOZA’s current campaign on education. The education of their children has been a major […]

Helping Zimbabweans to understand and write their own Constitution – with help from WOZA/MOZA

WOZA has produced a booklet ‘A guide to understanding the Constitution’, which has been included below. The booklet is to aid people to contribute in consultations as well as to help members decide on their minimum standards and principles for a constitution. WOZA prepared the booklet to empower people with issues to debate publicly prior to […]

Zimbabwe’s constitution-making process – a WOZA perspective

Background Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) has consulted with members over the last few weeks on the constitutional reform process initiated by Article 6 of the Global Political Agreement (GPA)1 and recognise the opportunity to play a role in making this process result in a truly democratic Zimbabwe. WOZA has already been involved in joint […]

Building Democracy with WOZA

In order for WOZA members and all Zimbabweans to better understand what democracy really means in our everyday lives, WOZA has created a booklet that discusses the eight building blocks of democracy. For the English version, please click on the following link: Building Democracy with WOZA For the Shona version, please click on the following […]