News update – members assaulted in Harare Central Police Station

At 9pm yesterday the group of 56 and 10 babies were finally given their supper. Many members had blood on their heads and clothing, evidence that they had been assaulted by police. They had been kept in the Law and Order department where obviously they had been assaulted.

Eye witnesses at Kuwadzana also confirm that police arrived at the scene firing shots into the air. One member was also hit with a rifle butt as she was loaded onto the police vehicle.

A message was delivered by Law and Order officers that if anyone other than Jenni Williams tried to deliver food they would be beheaded. However all those who delivered food this morning were not harmed. Williams is on a hit list to be eliminated as a dangerous person.

Lawyers are preparing an urgent application.

Please phone Harare Central Police Station on +263 4 777777 to demand that officers stop assaulting WOZA members and that the mothers with babies are released.