ZESA Protest Note

I am a power consumer and have been your customer for many years but your service has been getting worse in the last three years. I have run out of patience; your service is no longer empowering anyone but is draining many pockets. I want POWER and deserve to be given all the basic requirements a human being needs. I know ZESA is also a victim of a bad and mismanaged economy but think that ZESA should do more to deal with internal corruption.

You were singing ZESA has come with the power – ‘ZESA yawuya nePower’ – saka ZESA yazoyenda nePower yacho? ‘IZESA isibuye lamandla kagetsi’ – pho aseyengaphi lawo mandla? We demand POWER to the people for real!

My last account from ZESA was for $ ……………………..…. for 30 days of service.

I did not have any electricity for the following period of time ……………hours ………. days ………….. in the last month and want my account to be credited for this amount of time.

As your customer I have come to complain and request compensation. My demand is simple.
1. Stop turning a blind eye to corruption in your company and deal with the criminals within.
2. Credit my account for the hours or days you did not provide me with POWER.
3. Find us alternative sources of power – cheaper firewood, candles and matches, as we cannot afford to pay $10,000 for one candle and $1,000 for a box of matches. You are refusing to give us regular and efficient POWER so you should pay for us to have candlelight.

Yours faithfully,

Impatient for POWER

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