WHRD Alert – Miriam ordered to Byo central

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) received a call from a member, Miriam Dlamini in Makokoba, Bulawayo to report that 3 plain clothed police officers from the Law and Order Department of Bulawayo Central police station arrived at her home at 10am 12 June 2014. The officers were lead by one identified as Nyandende, mobile number +263 772 306 699.

The officers found her children playing outside and told them they wanted to search for ‘iSitshebo’ (relish or food. Also a slang term for someone who needs to be killed). The children told them they only have food in the fridge, but the officers insisted to enter without showing a warrant. They proceeded to search the home indiscriminately and finding no ‘food’ they took 3 booklets entitled ‘Building Democracy with WOZA’ from her book shelf. Their manner harassing, they asked for Miriam’s phone number. They subsequently called to harass Miriam demanding her attendance at Bulawayo Central within 30 mins.

Miriam is enroute there with a representative of Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights and WOZA is concerned at to how she will be treated or what the case could be about. Miriam has previously been arrested and is one of 13 members who were subjected to tribal insults and dumped at the cemetery during a peaceful protest about water shortages.

As this is the notorious Law and Order department who do not do health inspection for food on premises, WOZA assume this is harassment related to the recent Constitutional Court victory. WOZA leaders Williams, Mahlangu, Manjengwa and Madukani took the Ministry of Home Affairs, police commissioner and attorney general to court for conditions in Harare police cells.

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