16 Masvingo members released – 2 more arrested

The 16 members, six women and nine men, arrested on Tuesday afternoon for playing netball and football were all finally released this afternoon. Police harassment of WOZA continued however as two other members, Winnie Sadeya and Eurita Singemde, were arrested at lunchtime whilst taking in food to the group. The two women are still in custody tonight.

Six members, who had been tortured and were in a lot of pain, paid admission of guilt fines and were released earlier today. Three of these members received medical attention; two for beatings on the soles of their feet and the third potentially has a broken hand from beaten with a baton stick.

The circumstances of the release of the remaining ten were not clear as the support team awaiting their release had to leave town after being chased by Law and Order officers. The lawyer had indicated that when was leaving the station, the group had been instructed to remain behind to await a lecture by Dispol (the district police authority) about their behaviour. It seems that the authorities in Masvingo are extremely rattled by social netball and football – sports fans beware!