WOZA members won’t pledge

Members of Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) have refused to participate in the government dictated school pledge programme.

Members, adults and child human rights defenders met on 30 April and 1st May 2016 and shared knowledge of what school officials instructed children and their parents to do at close of the last school term.

Members resolved to refuse to participate and will refuse to give their consent to their children’s participation on the following basis.
1. There was no consultation of themselves or their school development association representatives.
2. The wording of the pledge is problematic to christians even if it is paraphrased from the preamble of the Constitution.
3. To sequence the saying of the pledge immediately following the Lord’s prayer borders on blasphemy.
4. To force children to therefore make a pledge or oath violates many sections of the Zimbabwean Constitution.
4. WOZA is a movement of nonviolent human rights defenders who believe in democratic solutions to develop Zimbabwe. Forcing children to salute the flag militarises and brainwashes them and such an act should not be allowed by any responsible parent.

WOZA members views are captured in the attached newsletter and members commit to the included plan of action. WOZA Moya April 2016 I wont Pledge

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