WOZA leader arrested and held overnight at Bulawayo Central

WOZA leader, Magodonga Mahlangu was arrested this morning at 8am in Bulawayo having come into town to do shopping. She has been held all day in the Law and Order section of Bulawayo Central Police Station and it is now clear that she will be held overnight. On arriving at Central, Mahlangu was served with a summons for a court appearance on 27th September. She was also told that the bosses of Law and Order wanted to question her. She has not been charged however and as she was being held in the same room as ZCTU members, it is suspected that her arrest and detention is linked to the planned ZCTU strike on 19th and 20th.

Human rights lawyers were in attendance through the day and reported that she is in good spirits. There is concern for her well being however given the various death threats made against her in the recent past and given the brutal beatings that ZCTU members received yesterday in Harare.