WOZA to march

Women of Zimbabwe Arise (WOZA) members will march in solidarity with Zimbabweans who have suffered a 37 year rule of Robert Mugabe who has cared less for the citizens and failed to implement liberation war ideals including free basic education as promised. WOZA members have nonviolently marched to demand an array of social economic reforms and have been brutalized, persecuted by prosecution but finally their cries have been heard and the nations is acting. As a new dispensation is being fought for, women of Zimbabwe must stand up and demand voice for a urgent economic plan of action that will relieve day to day suffering of the masses. Role players must now turn to make this ‘Zimbabwe Democracy Project’ about the people’s daily lives so as to show us that it is not just about switching from one dictator to another and citizens will then be mobilised to act accordingly and nonviolently.

WOZA applaud General Constantino Chiwenga for his nonviolent peaceful approach yet he has all the weapons at his fingertips. Well done Son of the Soil. WOZA applaud the generality of Zimbabwe Defense Forces for conducting themselves with honour and dignity, respectful of the rights of citizens and upholding the Constitution of Zimbabwe. WOZA is proud of you sons and daughters, you have restored some pride in being Zimbabwean.

To Zimbabweans WOZA ask that you urgently register to vote – your name must be on the voters roll!!! If you do this you will be able to claim your citizenship right and it will be desperately needed.

WOZA members ask Zimbabweans to join them in demanding the following:
1. The Defences Forces, War Veterans , Political Parties could be hungry to use this as an opportunity to take power but WOZA ask that you all put personal greed aside and MAKE THIS ABOUT THE PEOPLE!
2. The Military represents an extreme patriarchal system of power, General Chiwenga and those that will take over, ensure you create urgent space for women to participate, be seen, heard and their leadership felt. Help us amplify the voices of women so we have an inclusive approach. But not just any women – WOZA is totally against the Grace Mugabe types of women greedy for power and to destroy not build a nation – MAKE THIS ABOUT THE PEOPLE!
3. WOZA demand delivery of the liberation war promise of free basic education. We call for an immediate cancellation of all school fees and levy debts for all Government Schools in Zimbabwe until a new dispensation can properly formulate the progressive realisation of the right to education ratified in all international treaties. The children deserve to go to school without worrying about outstanding debts, let them concentrate on learning as we solve our economic chaos. MAKE THIS ABOUT THE PEOPLE!
4. WOZA urgently demand the release of all political prisoners unlawfully arrested in the last days, our members having been arrested and detained unlawfully for many years As a social movement of Human Rights Defenders, WOZA demand that those in custody be released forthwith even if they themselves had previously arrested and persecuted us but two wrongs never make a right. Civil cases for corruption of party indiscipline can then be taken against them through normal channels legal or party.
5. WOZA ask Zimbabweans to TAKE CHARGE of their lives and future by registering to vote and then voting for a new brand of leadership who will be accountable to us as citizens and not to any political elite pact. As we take back the power of our citizenship role, we must maintain non violent discipline in everything we do so this time a new Zimbabwe can be built upon love, respect and equality and we can have a serious chance to lift each other out of poverty. WE THE PEOPLE ARE TAKING CHARGE.

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