Police leave bullets, admit ‘main agenda’ to rise and change government

HIGH Court Judge Nicholas Mathonsi ruled on 20 June 2011 that Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) officers who had forcefully occupied the Suburbs WOZA property should vacate and restore its full use to the organisation. high-court-ruling-20-june20111

WOZA monitored the situation and observed the police leave after 5:30pm on the 21st June. A cream double came and dropped off a short young officer known to WOZA members and after sometime came back to collect this detective in plain clothes and 2 uniformed details. They left the keys with the tenant stating that police officers were no longer allowed in the property.

WOZA leaders decided to enter the property and verify the state it had been left it and to remove the Ford pick-up that had been in the yard since the raid. A group of six entered the property through the kitchen door and were overcome by a strong smell in the kitchen which caused them to start gagging. The house was quickly closed and the vehicle was driven to a place of safety for the night. Three members immediately began to feel ill with dizziness; vomiting and diahorrea. The next morning the vehicle was offloaded and two bullets (38 mm pistol) were discovered with a metal object that looks like a bearing.

All six members then returned to the house and in the company of Human Rights lawyers and journalists determined that the smell was still present and further investigation throughout the house revealed more ‘planted’ material.

Inexplicably WOZA solidarity cards received from Amnesty members worldwide were removed out of their envelopes and replaced with condoms, both male and female.

A one page document entitled ‘Main Agenda’ had been planted with other WOZA material such as democracy, constitution books that members conduct civic education around. Several copies of this publication were also placed in the document folders of members who had been in the house at the time of the raid.

The state of the house was clearly consistent with information previously obtained on the first day that 20 to 30 plain clothes officers had searched the house.

The fireplace in the lounge shows that something was put up the chimney as there was black ash all over the lounge floor.

At first count many documents and two mobile phones, all food in the house is missing in defiance of the High court order that nothing must be removed.

By 11am, members started to feel very ill and one member fainted and had to be rushed to hospital so the house was closed up once again.

One member spent the day admitted and on a drip and seven other members were treated and discharged. When attending the private hospital, one journalist was also being attended with the same symptoms. Headache; dizziness and disorientation, weak limbs, nausea and diahorrea. The doctors prescribed antibiotics and anti-histamines for all those who attended.

It should be noted that police officers chased away a lawyer who attended the scene of the raid within 15minutes and that our court application was taken on the basis that no legitimate search could be conducted days after the invasion and it was stated that there was real fear that materials would be ‘planted’. Our worst fears were realised by the bullets and other metal objects, documents and condoms planted at the scene. A letter of complain has been sent to the police and court. letter-of-objection-to-law-and-order-22june-zlhr

We also note that had our national coordinator Jenni Williams who is the official organisation representative had attended the house as was constantly demanded over the 12 day invasion period, she would be facing fabricated ‘Treason’ charges. It was not out of guilt that Williams and others left through the back door on the day of the raid but out of knowing the track record of the police officers at the gate and years of members being harassed, threatened, abducted by Law and Order police officers namely George Levison Ngwenya, Lindani Mpofu, Zenzo Moyo and female officer S. G. Ndlovu, known as MaNdlo other whose surnames are Chikango, Nkomo, Chuchu.

Despite knowing their track record, they have stooped even lower than we imagined by poisoning us which is chemical warfare and by fabricating a document.

However, their words ring true in the words they wrote – “People of Zimbabwe we have been oppressed for a long time because we did not know about our right and international obligations. We have lost ubuntu. Dignity and respect because of the type of leadership we have. They are corrupt. They are stealing from people to make themselves rich.  .. We are tired of President Mugabe and he must go by all means. He is full of abuse of power with his ministers. He has no respect of law. (His own laws and International Laws).

They go on to confirm their deepest desires by saying, “Everyone wants him out. Let’s all rise and remove him now. When the date is fixed you will be told. We will do it. Others have done it in Libya, Sudan, Tunisia and Egypt.”

WOZA members stand firmly behind their founder and national coordinator Jenni Williams and ‘praise the lord’ for saving her from these fabricated charges. Williams and WOZA members are committed to a nonviolent struggle and do not believe that bullets can deliver dignity and true independence for all Zimbabweans to enjoy equally. We think that if anyone should be facing Treason charges it is the police officers named above who wrote the ‘main agenda’ document. But as mothers of the nation and through mothers’ eyes we understand that they are finally speaking the truth – we send them our love and say keep speaking out. We will expect their active support when Zimbabweans do what they have suggested in their Zimbabwe Republic Police ‘main agenda’. police-officers-main-agenda-document