Williams and Mahlangu remain at Mlondolozi Prison

Jenni Williams and Magondonga Mahlangu remain at Mlondolozi Prison near Bulawayo after being remanded on charges of kidnap and theft.  An urgent High Court application appealing against the refusal of bail for the two has not yet been heard.  The two women are not in good health, with Mahlangu suffering from arthritis of the spine, which causes her severe pain, since they are sleeping on the cement floor with no mattresses and have no warm water for bathing. 

As remand prisoners they are allowed one ten-minute visit a day, and WOZA has been able to take food and medications to them during these visits.  If there are sympathisers who would wish to visit them, we ask them to contact WOZA, so that arrangements can be made for them to accompany the daily trip which takes supplies.

We urge supporters to continue to telephone the prison to request that the two be treated according to Zimbabwean and international law during their stay in custody.

Useful numbers are:
Regional Prisons Headquarters (Bulawayo): +263 9 71458/71468
Mlondolozi Prison: +263 9 64228