Bail appeal hearing set for 2.30pm Wednesday 5th November

WOZA’s lawyers have finally been given a hearing in their appeal to the High Court against Magistrate Charity Maphosa denying Jenni Williams and Magodonga Mahlangu bail. The matter will be heard before Judge Ndou at 2.30pm this afternoon, 5th November. Despite it being an urgent application, the High Court has taken over a week to give a hearing date.

In the meantime, worrying reports have been received from Mlondolozi that Jenni and Magodonga have been separated and that Magodonga has been put in the same cell as mental health patients. As well as serving as a remand prison, Mlondolozi also houses convicted prisoners and mental health patients that have committed crimes. The apparent cause of this separation is that prison authorities believe the pair to be homosexual because Jenni was observed massaging medicated gel into the injuries Magodonga received when she was beaten.

One thought on “Bail appeal hearing set for 2.30pm Wednesday 5th November”

  1. Type your comment here.We send our support to continue your peacefull fight. We are writting to the Zimbabwean authorities calling for immediate and inconditional release, to the director of the prison calling for conditions. Your work is really important, we thank you to show us such exemples.
    Hoping to see the light at the end of the tunnel !
    Anyhow we will wait with you as long it needs.
    Best regards from our group in Grenoble (France).
    Christiane Martin

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