Declaring a Health Emergency is Not Enough – a communique from WOZA

In memory of Julia Chapeyama and Thembelani Lunga

The outbreak of cholera in epidemic proportions has brought Zimbabwe back to the attention of the region and the world.  Zimbabwe’s complex emergency, which is now causing so much suffering, taking lives and breaking the society apart at its seams, has been several years in the making. A key factor in creating a perfect environment for the breeding and spread of the cholera bacterium has been the neglect of essential services by the ZANU PF government over the years. But this has only been one effect of complete mismanagement and deliberate disregard for the lives of ordinary Zimbabweans. ZANU PF rule has brought a decline in basic standards of living for many years now; but in the months while Robert Mugabe has clung to power in the face of rejection by the people at the polls in March this year, the downward spiral has changed into a precipitous plunge.

In August this year, just when the first cases of cholera were being reported in Harare and Chitungwiza, WOZA undertook research designed to present a picture of the living standards of our members in Harare-Chitungwiza and Bulawayo.  Some of the results of that study are now available, and present a stark demonstration of the circumstances, which have provided the backdrop for the cholera epidemic.

Please click here to read the communique: communique-declaring-a-health-emergency-is-not-enough

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Please kept up the good work
We have a radio program on the net on the mike)
Every Wednesday EST 7pm sharp
We will speak about WOZA 12-24th
Peace to the Nation
Lawrence X

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Merry Christmas to you and your families from our group in Grenoble ( France).
Thinking to you, hoping with you.
We wish you success in your protests.
Best regards.
Christiane Martin

Writing on Xmas day in New Zealand, I send my warmest Greetings in hope that this is the last to be spent under such grievous circumstances. I am (I guess) an old man, a protestor against the Smith regime back in the 60s etc, and currently about to retire as Chairman of my local Tribal Committee in East Cape District, NZ. Many of us in NZ feel deeply about what has happenedthese past forty years, and hope that your travails are reaching their lowest. Reconstruction will, we trust, be well supported by New Zealanders frustrated at being able to do little to help. God be with you all.
No reira, kia ora katoa Tony Chadwick, TE WHANAU A KAIAIO.end..

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Dear friend,

War Tax Resisters from Spain send you all ther love and energy for 2009. We all hope this is finally going to be a great year for all Zimbabueans.

Un abrazo,

Yolanda jb

Hi there,
I have written about WOZA using the latest communique for an independent UK newspaper called MULE. I hope you are satisfied with the piece and we hope to continue to report on your organisation’s activities.
Here is the article
Many thanks and all the best,
Jenny x