The State of Education in Zimbabwe – a shattered dream

For several weeks, WOZA members have expressed their deep concern about the failure of government schools to open. This follows on from distress about the quality of education that their children received in 2008. In the first 20 years of Independence, Zimbabwe’s education system and schools were the envy of Africa. In 2009, we do not have an education system to speak of.

WOZA research
In August 2008 WOZA undertook a survey of our membership. We interviewed a sample of more than 1,000 members in Bulawayo, Harare and Chitungwiza. We asked them about how they are living and about their children’s education. In February 2009, WOZA conducted further research on a sample of 377 members to determine the current status of their children’s education and our members’ ability to access food.

Please click here to read a report, from WOZA’s perspective, of the state of education in Zimbabwe. The state of education in Zimbabwe- a WOZA perspective

WOZA is sending a petition on the state of education to the new minister of education, Senator David Coltart. WOZA members are going door-to-door asking parents to sign. Please sign your support. Email WOZA to receive the petition at and post the completed form to P.O. Box FM 701 Famona, Bulawayo.

Comments from parents on the state of education (February 2009):

“Children need good education but the problem is that our leaders do not show concern about it. They need to take steps about education.”

“I did not go to school but I need my children to go to school.”

“I am heartbroken because in years back we used to go to school even if we failed but our children are failing to go to school. This will destroy our children’s future.”

“It is painful to have an uneducated child.”

“I want my grandchildren to learn so that they finish the poor life I am living.”

“There are no resources in schools whilst they are charging what they want without consulting parents and at the end of the day demanding us to pay teachers salaries.”

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