A strong woman is 100% herself, 100% of the time.

“The strongest actions for a woman is to love herself, be herself and shine amongst those who never believed she could.”

– Helen Keller.

“When we do the best we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.”


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Violence against women: much more than blows

Every November 25, since 1981, it reminds us that governments, international organizations, NGOs, and society in general still have a long way to go to eliminate violence against women. Gender violence is the clearest manifestation of inequality between men and women. And the most serious violation of human rights suffered by millions of women, girls, and young people.

Top ten tips for women entrepreneurs

If you google “ advice for women ” you will probably find a lot of results like “fashion tips, how to lose weight, dating tips” and a lot more like that, and while there is nothing wrong with these topics, as women entrepreneurs we have bigger ambitions. Ambitions such as starting a new business, or growing our business internationally. That is why I have given myself the task of writing this list of 10 tips for women entrepreneurs:

What is the best way to hang a bicycle?

When it comes to hanging a bike, there are a lot of ways to do it. The best way to hang a bicycle is the safest way to hang a bicycle. This method is the most effective way to hang a bicycle and is also the safest way to hang a bicycle.

What is the best way to hang a bicycle?

What is the best way to hang a bicycle

There is no perfect way to hang a bicycle, as it depends on the type of bike and the location. Some popular methods include using a hanger attached to the ceiling, using a doorway hanger, or using a bike rack. You can see also the schwinn women’s cruiser.

Step 1: Hang the bike in a safe place: Find a sturdy tree or pole that’s strong enough to support the weight of the bike.

Step 2: Check the frame for damage: Check the frame for any cracks or dents. If there are any cracks or dents, repair them immediately.

Step 3: Use the correct type of hardware: Use the proper hardware and tighten it properly. The proper type of hardware will ensure that the bike will not fall off of the tree or pole. Keep reading https://premierliteracy.net/is-a-road-bike-good-for-beginners/

Step 4: Use the correct type of rope: Use a rope that’s long enough to reach from the ground to the bike.

Things to consider while hanging a bicycle

  1. Consider the type of bike you’re going to be hanging: There are two types of bikes you can hang. The first is the traditional bike, which hangs on the wall with a single wheel. This is the most common type of bike.
  2. Consider the size of the bike: You’ll want to consider the size of the bike you’re going to be hanging. You’ll want to make sure that you’re not going to damage the wall. You can use the width of the bike as a guide to how wide you need to make the hole. 
  3. Consider the size of the frame: You’ll also need to consider the size of the frame of the bike. This will determine the width of the hole you need to make in the wall.
  4. Consider the weight of the bike: You’ll need to consider the weight of the bike you’re going to be hanging. You’ll want to make sure that you’re not going to damage the wall or the frame of the bike. You’ll also need to make sure you’ve got enough strength to hang the bike.
  5. Consider the location of the bike: You’ll also need to consider where you’re going to be hanging the bike. You’ll want to make sure it’s safe for the bike and the people who are going to be using it.
  6. Consider the weather conditions: You’ll also need to consider the weather conditions. If it’s going to be very hot, you’ll want to make sure you’re going to be able to keep the bike in place. You’ll also want to make sure that you’re not going to damage the wall or the frame of the bike.

More recommendations:

When hanging a bike, you should be careful not to damage the frame. If you do, you may have to replace the frame.

Make sure that the frame is sturdy enough to support the weight of the bike. It should be able to support the weight of the bike without bending or breaking. The bike should be hung on a secure surface. If you hang your bike on a wall or in a garage, you should make sure there are no sharp edges or objects that could damage the bike.

Make sure that you hang the bike in the right place. You should be able to see the frame of the bike when you look down at it. You should also be able to see the pedals and handlebars. You should be able to reach the ground from the bike without having to use your hands. If you can’t, it’s important that you don’t attempt to hang the bike yourself.

When hanging your bike, make sure that you keep it out of the way. If you have other bikes in the garage, you should hang your bike so that they don’t bump into them. Make sure that your bike is not going to fall off the wall or garage. You should also be careful that the bike doesn’t move around while you’re hanging it. You might want to use some tape to make sure that it doesn’t move.

Once you’ve hung your bike, you’ll want to make sure that it’s secure. You should be able to use a tool to tighten any bolts and screws. It’s important that you don’t leave your bike hanging like this for too long. Once you’ve made sure that your bike is secure, you’ll want to make sure that it’s hanging in the right position. You should be able to see the frame of the bike when you look down at it.

Make sure that you hang your bike from the right height. If you hang it too low, you may not be able to reach the ground from it. If you hang your bike too high, you might not be able to see the pedals and handlebars of the bike. This can make it difficult for you to ride the bike.

Tricks for hanging a bicycle safely

  1. Use a bike rack: A bike rack is a great way to keep your bike safe when you’re not using it. They’re available in most bike shops, and they come in a range of sizes. You can also buy them online.
  2. Use a bike stand: If you want to keep your bike safe while it’s not being used, you can use a bike stand. This is a great way to protect your bike from damage and theft.
  3. Use a lock: You can use a lock to secure your bike in place. You can use a cable or a chain. Make sure you choose the right type of lock for the bike stand you’re using.
  4. Use a bike lock: You can use a bike lock to secure your bike. You’ll need to make sure the bike is locked to something solid. You can use a bike rack or a bike stand.
  5. Store it in a garage: You can store your bike in a garage or shed. Make sure you cover it with a tarp or a blanket to protect it from the weather.

In conclusion, it’s important to make sure that you are using the right tools for the job. A hammer may be useful for some jobs but not for others. And some jobs require specialized tools that may not be available to you. For example, if you’re hanging a bicycle in your garage, you don’t need a power drill. You can simply use a screwdriver. But if you’re hanging a bicycle in a gallery, then you may need a special tool. So, it’s important to find out what kind of job you’re working on before you start.

Why baby swing is not good for the baby?

A baby swing is a popular form of physical exercise that has been around for thousands of years. It is a great way to strengthen your core and improve your balance. In this post, I will show you how a swing can be a great way to help your child learn how to balance and how to keep your child safe while swinging. Continue also: baby joy swing.

Why swing is not good for the baby?

  1. Swinging is a great way of keeping the baby active. It can help with the development and the physical and mental health of the baby.
  2. Swinging helps babies develop: Swinging is a great way of developing their muscles. It can also help them with their coordination and balance.
  3. Swinging is fun for baby: Baby will love swinging around in the swing. It’s a great way of entertaining them and keeping them happy.
  4. Swinging is safe for babies: It’s very important to keep babies safe when they’re young. Swinging is one of the safest ways to keep a baby happy and entertained. Keep reading https://sparkinternational.org/how-to-choose-a-baby-bassinet/
  5. Swinging is great for a baby’s health: Swinging is a great way of keeping the baby healthy. It’s a great way to keep a baby’s muscles strong, and it can help with their physical and mental health.
  6. Swinging is good for a baby’s development: Swinging is a great way of keeping a baby happy, and it can help with their development. It can help with their coordination and balance.
  7. Swinging is good for a baby’s physical and mental health: Swinging is a great way of keeping the baby active and healthy. It can help with their coordination and balance, and it can help them with their physical and mental health.
  8. Swinging is good for a baby’s social development: Swinging is a great way of keeping the baby happy. It can help with their social development, and it can help with their confidence.
  9. Swinging is good for a baby’s emotional development: Swinging is a great way of keeping the baby happy. It can help with their emotional development, and it can help with their self-esteem.
  10. Swinging is good for a baby’s physical development: Swinging is a great way of keeping the baby happy. It can help with their physical development, and it can help with their coordination and balance.

How to use a baby swing?

Use baby swing

Step 1: Get the baby swing: You can get a baby swing from any store that sells swings. You can also get a baby swing online.

Step 2: Put the baby in the swing: If you don’t have a baby, put a baby doll or stuffed animal in the swing.

Step 3: Swing the baby: When you’re ready, swing the baby back and forth for a while. Swing it back and forth until you feel comfortable.

Step 4: Take the baby out of the swing: Once you’re comfortable with swinging the baby, take the baby out of the swing and give him/her a bottle.

Things to consider before using a baby swing

  1. Do your research: Before you buy a swing, do your research. Look at reviews and online forums to see if people have had any problems with their swings. You should also look at how old the swing is.
  2. Get a safety net: Baby swings are pretty safe, but it’s always a good idea to have a safety net. That way, you’ll be able to catch your baby if they fall out of the swing.
  3. Look for quality: Make sure you get a quality swing. It should be sturdy and easy to use.
  4. Check the height: If you’re using a swing with your baby, make sure it’s tall enough. A baby swing should be at least 18 inches high.
  5. Be prepared: If you’re using a swing for the first time, make sure you have all the things you need, including a safety net. You should also check that you have a suitable place to put the swing.
  6. Make sure it’s safe: If you’re using a baby swing, make sure it’s safe. You should make sure it has a safety belt. You should also make sure that the swing is stable and that it doesn’t move when you’re not using it.
  7. Check the size: If you’re using a baby swing, make sure it’s big enough for your baby. You should also check that it’s large enough to fit in your home.
  8. Test it: Once you’ve bought your swing, you’ll want to test it. You can do this by having you’re babysitting in the swing. You’ll then need to see if your baby is comfortable in the swing.
  9. Get it right: Once you’ve tested your baby swing, you’ll need to get it right. You should make sure the swing is easy to use and that it’s safe.
  10. Make sure it fits: If you’re using a baby swing, make sure it fits your child’s size and weight. It should be able to fit them comfortably in the seat without any bouncing or jerking around. A little bit of help: If your child is having trouble sitting in the swing, use a strap or a foot bar to hold them in place. This will keep them from falling out and getting hurt.
  11. Adjust the swing height: For those older babies who are using a swing, it’s time to start thinking about height. The seat of the swing should be at about waist level for toddlers and at about shoulder level for infants. Make sure the swing is secure: You don’t want the baby swinging in the air without anything to keep them in place. A swing can be hung on a pole, wall, or tree.

In conclusion, the baby’s head and neck are still developing, and the baby’s brain is too small to absorb the repetitive motion of swinging. In addition, the baby’s muscles and joints are not ready for the stress of swinging. So, it’s best to avoid swings until the baby’s bones and muscles have developed to the point where they are strong enough to handle the stress of swinging.

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Female empowerment: the struggle that must unite men and women

What does it mean to be born a girl? What does female empowerment entail? While you think about it, let us tell you something. Moon Sharma’s grandmother was raised when she was born. Of happiness? No. She cried with sorrow. She would have preferred a boy. But don’t be surprised. It is common for there to be a preference for boys in India.

She grew up aware of this gender inequality. And she fought against the discrimination that forces them, for example, to marry as children. Today, Moon Sharma chairs  Tara Projects, a New Delhi Fair Trade cooperative.

What Is Female Empowerment?

Necessity of female empowerment

Although it seems like something new, female empowerment has been going on for years. In 1995, at the World Women’s Conference in Beijing, he was already being talked about.

In short, female empowerment is the process that allows women to increase their participation in all aspects of their personal and social life. Thanks to him, they can be masters of their lives and participate fully and equally in all areas of their society, including decision-making and access to power.

And did you know that it also recognizes the leading role or preponderance that women play individually and collectively? Yes, that role has traditionally gone unnoticed…

Does Female Empowerment Benefit Only Women?

According to UNESCO data, female empowerment would favorably influence the reduction of early marriages of girls under 15 years of age, as well as early motherhood of those under 17 in Sub-Saharan Africa and South and West Asia:

  • If girls had access to primary education, early marriages would be reduced by 14% and by 64% if they had access to secondary education.
  • Regarding early pregnancies, they would be reduced by 10% if girls had access to primary education and by 59% if they had access to secondary education.

But female empowerment does not favor only women. It enriches the whole society. In Beijing, it has already become clear that female empowerment…

  • It is essential to achieve equality, development, and peace.
  • It is key to eradicating poverty.
  • Promotes social justice.

Three Keys To Female Empowerment

Other international organizations also point out the importance of their role in…

  • Promote inclusive economic growth. The UN Global Compact indicates that gender diversity contributes to improving company results. More than $12 trillion could be added to global GDP if the full capabilities of girls and women were developed.
  • To end hunger. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  (FAO) explains that it helps ensure food security. When rural women have access to appropriate resources, tools, and knowledge, families, and communities improve and become stronger: children go to school, families are healthier, agricultural productivity and incomes increase… All this is achieved by women. women through their work as producers and providers of food.
  • Take care of the environment. UNESCO observes a relationship between the educational empowerment of girls and women and the protection of the planet. In this way, there would be a greater possibility of approving environmental treaties in those countries where there are more women in parliament.

Societies have been characterized by women’s lower decision-making capacity than men in matters that affect them. Empowerment is the change that allows achieving equality between both. It is the process that transforms society. It allows women to participate, decide and make their voice and vote heard.

Likewise, the United Nations Development  Program (UNDP) indicates that the majority of the illiterate and poor population in the world are women, and that, in addition, they suffer systematic violence both in the privacy of their homes and in armed conflicts.

Why Don’t You Contribute To Making Female Empowerment Possible?

Women have talent, competence, intelligence… It is the attitudes, comments, or behavior of other people that are limiting their fundamental rights. The HeForShe and Spotlight initiatives have united the world for equality and against gender-based violence. Let’s do something? We can start with:

  • A fair distribution of domestic and family responsibilities. Usually, it has not been a fair thing. But more and more men are assuming responsibility for housework and the care and upbringing of children. Instilling gender equality from childhood is possible by distributing, for example, tasks between boys and girls.
  • End gender stereotypes. There has also been a belief that men and women should play certain roles in society according to their gender. It is necessary to recognize the capabilities of women because they are not less suitable for a gender issue.
  • Ensure the fundamental rights of women. We must continue working to prevent and eliminate any form of violence against girls and women, promote their access to education and training, as well quality health.
  • Guarantee equal treatment at work. Men and women doing the same job should receive the same pay and benefits.

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How does a furnace humidifier work?

A furnace humidifier is an electrical device that is used to add moisture to the air inside a home or business. It can be attached to a forced-air heating system, ductless mini-split heat pump, or radiant floor heating system. A furnace humidifier works by putting out vapor, which mixes with the air inside the house. The vapor evaporates and spreads throughout the house when it hits cold air in the attic, through a duct, or on a warm surface.

How does a furnace humidifier work?

A furnace humidifier works by putting out vapor, which mixes with the air inside the house. The vapor evaporates and spreads throughout the house when it hits cold air in the attic, through a duct, or on a warm surface. A furnace humidifier is a small appliance that attaches to your heating system. It takes in humidified air from the outside and blows it into your home through ducts or vents. This vaporized water molecule (H2O) is then dispersed throughout the house, providing relief for dry indoor air problems as well as helping to prevent mold and other bacteria growth. Let’s continue with humidifiers without filters.

Features of furnace humidifier

The following are features that may be found on a typical furnace humidifier:

-A filter to remove large particles from the vaporized water. This will help to ensure that you expel bacteria and other outdoor elements into your home without causing discomfort or infection.

-An On/Off button for easy access, even when the unit is in use.

-A power indicator light to let you know when it’s on and ready for humidifying.

-A water tank that can be easily refilled and emptied, ensuring you have consistent humidification throughout the day.

-A built-in fan to help distribute the vapor throughout the house.

-A cool mist output for added comfort and relief.

– A cord wrap for easy storage and portability.

-A warranty that protects you against defects in the manufacture or material.

What are the benefits of using a furnace humidifier?

There are many benefits to using a furnace humidifier. Some of the most common benefits include:

-Reduced dry air problems, such as asthma symptoms and coughing.

-Improved indoor air quality, which helps prevent mold and other bacteria growth.

-Boosted energy efficiency due to improved comfort levels and quicker cooling times.

-Helps to reduce the amount of money you spend on air conditioning and heating bills.

-Reduced risk of fires due to reduced levels of combustible materials.

-Minimizes the amount of noise you hear from your heating or cooling system.

-Provides relief for those with seasonal allergies.

-Provides a comfortable environment for children and pets.

– Is easy to install and maintain.

Do I need a furnace humidifier?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Each person’s individual needs will vary, so you’ll need to consult with a heating and air conditioning specialist to see if a furnace humidifier is right for your home. However, some of the most common reasons people choose to install a furnace humidifier include:

– Reducing dry air problems, such as asthma symptoms and coughing.

– Improved indoor air quality, which helps prevent mold and other bacteria growth.

– Boosted energy efficiency due to improved comfort levels and quicker cooling times.

– Helps to reduce the amount of money you spend on air conditioning and heating bills.

– Reduced risk of fires due to reduced levels of combustible materials.

– Minimizes the amount of noise you hear from your heating or cooling system.

– Provides relief for those with seasonal allergies.

– Provides a comfortable environment for children and pets.

– Is easy to install and maintain.

Humidify maintenance guide

Regular furnace humidifier maintenance will help ensure your system is operating at its best. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Check the filters on a regular basis

You must clean the furnace humidifier on a regular basis. Filters must be replaced every 6 months. The easiest way to do this is to unplug your humidifier, remove the filters and wash them in warm water with detergent. Replace the filters immediately after washing.

Check for leaks

If you notice any indications of a leak – such as coming up through the floor -replace your furnace humidifier right away! Leaks can cause havoc inside your home by leading to moisture accumulation and eventual damage.

Clean your humidifier’s evaporator pad

Once a week, use a vacuum cleaner with the hose attachment to clean the evaporator pad on top of your furnace humidifier. This will help remove the build-up of minerals and other debris that can hamper operation.

Check the blower wheel

If your furnace humidifier has a blower wheel, check it for rust and debris every month. If necessary, remove the wheel and clean it with a brush or vacuum cleaner.

Adjust humidity level

If your furnace humidifier does not seem to be producing enough humidity, you can adjust the level by turning the knob on top of the unit. Remember to keep your furnace humidifier clean and in good working condition for optimal comfort!

How to clean furnace humidifier?

  1. Disconnect the humidifier from the power supply.
  2. Remove filters (included) by unscrewing and removing them. Rinse the filter in warm water with detergent and replace it immediately after washing. Do not store the filter between uses, as it will affect performance.
  3. Open the drain valve at the back of the unit to release any excess water droplets or dirty air that may have collected during operation – this is not necessary if your humidifier has a drain valve.
  4. Clean evaporator pad with a vacuum cleaner equipped with hose attachment monthly; brush or vacuum if necessary to remove debris and minerals.
  5. Check the blower wheel for rust and debris every month. If necessary, remove the wheel and clean with a brush or vacuum cleaner.
  6. Turn the humidity knob to the desired level; remember to keep the humidifier clean!
  7. Reconnect the humidifier to the power supply and enjoy moist, comfortable air!
  8. If you experience any problems with your furnace humidifier, be sure to take it to a qualified technician for repairs or replacement.


A furnace humidifier is a device that makes use of the evaporation principle to evaporate water from moist air. It is used to humidify indoor spaces, such as rooms and offices. There are many types of furnace humidifiers available in the market.

Six tips to take care of your pregnancy

Find out here some recommendations given by Andrea Venegas, midwife of the INDISA Clinic, so that you have a pregnancy without complications.

Between the woman and the future child that grows within her, there is a constant channel of communication. Every action that the mother performs will have an impact on the development of the fetus.

For example, if she practices physical activity calmly and carefully, one of the benefits is an improvement in her oxygenation, explains Andrea Venegas, a midwife at the INDISA Clinic.

The professional adds that if the future mother maintains an adequate diet, it will favor the development of the fetus. Likewise, if she rests and calmly carries out her day-to-day activities, this will provide her with well-being.

Some tips to take care of your pregnancy

Pregnancy tips

Just because you’re pregnant, it doesn’t mean you’re sick

It is recommended that you do not stop doing the day-to-day activities that you used to do when you were not pregnant. If there is no restriction from your treating doctor or midwife, you can carry your pregnancy completely normally

Giving yourself free time to do a pleasant activity and disconnect never hurts: having a coffee with a friend, going to the movies, reading a book, going shopping, or walking outdoors are activities that help mental health.

Take care of your feet

From now on, it is essential to always wear comfortable shoes and leave high heels aside for a while.

Try to avoid spending a lot of time in the same position, both standing and sitting; putting your feet up and abandoning a sedentary lifestyle will also help blood circulation and, in this way, improve fluid retention and reduce the swelling of the feet and ankles that is very common in pregnancy

Sleep is key

It is likely that you may feel more tired than usual during this period, so it never hurts to get enough sleep during pregnancy and take advantage of the first months, since as the fetus grows, it will be more difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep.

“One recommendation is to sleep on the left side since one of the large veins runs through the right side of the abdomen. This position prevents the weight of the uterus from pressing on this vein. In addition, it optimizes the blood flow to the placenta, therefore the amount of oxygen that reaches the fetus”, specifies the midwife of INDISA, Andrea Venegas.

Take care of the skin

The skin during pregnancy undergoes alterations such as hyperpigmentation, due to the action of the hormones that are activated during this period. For this reason, it is essential to apply sunscreen to avoid skin blemishes and burns.

Some women suffer from stretch marks during pregnancy, so the use of anti-stretch mark creams is recommended to prevent the appearance of these scars. In addition, these creams can be applied 2 or 3 times a day, paying special attention during the final months, when the skin stretches at a faster rate.

Be aware of being underweight

When a mom-to-be is having trouble gaining weight or is underweight, it’s a big deal. This is because many times, poor nutrition or lack of consumption of basic nutrients can lead to a restriction in intrauterine fetal growth and development (IUGR).

This is why a future mother must have a balanced diet, which includes foods from all the basic groups, which are:

  • Dairy
  • Meat
  • Fish
  • Eggs
  • Cereals
  • Legumes
  • Fruits and vegetables

This can help prevent problems that come with being underweight and prevent preterm labor. The opposite extreme is also a situation to be avoided.

Food and nutrition

When you are pregnant, your diet should not vary much, but you should keep in mind that:

  • It is not recommended to eat in large quantities, it is better to eat small portions, several times a day. When eaten in the recommended portions. It increases the possibility of avoiding heartburn, in addition to helping to avoid being overweight.
  • Raw, semi-raw or sausage meat, or fish is prohibited, since food in this state may contain dangerous bacteria. Which is the worst case can cause serious complications in pregnancy.
  • During six months before pregnancy and in the first three. It is important to add folic acid to the diet, to avoid possible fetal malformations or spina bifida.
  • It is recommended to go to the nutritionist to guide a balanced diet. And according to your own rhythm and interests. Without losing sight of your well-being and that of the baby.
  • No tobacco or alcohol can be consumed. This is because smoking during pregnancy exposes the baby to harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, and nicotine. Alcohol, for its part, interferes with the normal development of the fetus, causing congenital birth defects.

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The 7 Habits Women With Ultra-Shiny Hair Share

Have you decided to give your hair the pampering it deserves and finally achieve the strong, shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of? There are many factors that influence when it comes to achieving what we would call great hair, from diet to washing ritual, which should be different if you have fine hair. Marina A. Marañón, the trainer of the firm Klorane & Elancyl, sums it up in a very graphic way: “Hair is like a plant, you have to take care of both the outside of the plant (the hair) and the land that supports Item. (the scalp ), which is why it is essential to take care of both, both with a correct diet and with cosmetic products that will make our hair healthier and therefore more beautiful”.Thus, there are a series of factors that help us achieve prettier hair and we have synthesized seven with the help of experts.

Moisturize well, especially from the middle to the ends

7 Shiny Hair tips

The outermost part of the hair, the cuticles, are like scales that, if not properly sealed, are open doors that let the water out of the hair. And allow the entry of all kinds of harmful external agents. That causes dehydration of the hair, making it more fragile. To avoid this, the Klorane expert explains that it is essential to frequently use a balm from the middle to the ends every time we wash our hair. That is just two minutes is capable of sealing the cuticles. Favoring detangling and restoring hair hydration, acting as a shield against external agents. There are more ‘critical’ situations: the dye has just been applied, with the abuse of thermal treatments (irons, dryers), after a vacation in the sun… It is then that the hair becomes even more dehydrated and for this reason it is advisable to apply it in a timely manner. a mask as a shock treatment. Finally, there are products without rinsing, such as hair day creams, which, by simply applying a hazelnut to the ends, we manage to avoid frizz, split ends and therefore preserve the daily hydration of the hair.

‘Listen’ to the scalp

The scalp is the base where the hair is sustained. Therefore, it must be taken care of with great care, since any alteration in this part can lead to hair loss, among other things. “Although we may not be so aware, the main product that cares for the scalp is shampoo. So it is important to use a mild one, respectful of the scalp”, tells us Marina A. Marañón, who explains that we must choose the shampoo based on how we have the scalp and not how we have our hair. . “To detect how we have it, we ask ourselves this simple question: How often can we clean our hair? If it can last us a long time clean during the week, it is that we have a dry scalp. And therefore we need a moisturizing or nourishing shampoo and on the contrary. If it can last us very little clean, it is greasy and we need an astringent shampoo with a great cleaning power”, he tells us.

Take care of food

As Marina A. Marañón explains, the hair in its innermost part is fed by vitamins and minerals that are in our body. And that we obtain through food. Therefore, we must bear in mind that a healthy diet also influences our hair. It is convenient to eliminate processed foods, eat less meat, less salt, and less sugar. And increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, or sprouts such as soybeans, alfalfa, broccoli, or onion. Which provide extraordinary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that will keep a healthy body and shiny hair. But there are times when our lifestyle prevents us from having a proper diet. Therefore, our hair can be malnourished and leading to hair loss and hair thinning problems. That is why it is recommended at key times of the year (season changes, stress peaks, postpartum period, diets…) to do 3-month shock treatments with a food supplement in the form of capsules that will provide those vitamins and minerals that may be missing. (as  Martin by Nuggela & Sulé).

Exercise extreme caution when wet

“When wet is the most delicate state of the hair because it is more elastic and tends to split,” says María Baras, creative director of Cheska, who explains that she always recommends not leaving the house with wet hair, especially in the cold, because “it suffers much more, it is much more sensitive to changes in temperature”. In addition, he insists that when untangling it wet you have to be very careful because when you pull it you can split it. “That’s why I always recommend brushing it before washing it because it’s better to remove those knots with dry hair than with wet hair. I’m seeing more and more girls with parted hair, especially if it’s fine. And you also have to avoid pigtails with wet hair, because they also part the hair”. Eduardo Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez, agrees: “Hair is more fragile when it is wet, so it is preferable to brush it dry before washing. This guarantees a safe disentanglement without breakage. After washing, carefully use a wide-toothed comb that respects the hair and is suitable for all types of hair.”

Dedicate five minutes to it before going to bed

We know that there are nights when all you want is to go to bed after cleaning your face. But it is also important to spend a few minutes on your hair before bed. Thus, Natalia Olmo, creator of Maminat, recommends brushing your hair before going to bed to promote blood circulation. He recommends doing it with “wooden brushes because they don’t frizz the hair. And it is that in addition, brushing exfoliates the scalp, removes product residues, and enhances shine. Add one more suggestion for the night: “For those people who have long hair, I always recommend sleeping with a loose braid. or with a bun held with a clip at the top. That way, they don’t get their hair stepped on and it won’t pull up or break.”

Wash it correctly

After choosing the shampoo, you have to wash your hair correctly. “Distribute it first in both hands and then work it on the root for at least three minutes and finally rinse it with plenty of warm water and cold water at the end,” advises Adolfo Remartínez, creator of Nuggela & Sulé.

Cut every three months… unless you have it fine

Each hair is different and, for this reason, María Baras, creative director of Cheska. Explains, personalizing the cut and treatment is important. “In general terms, we could say that every three months. But if you have fine hair, every two months, you have to cut your hair clean, a few millimeters, but remove the entire tip to strengthen it. Meanwhile, for people with great hair, a well-done cut can last up to four months or more. That’s why I like to talk about time, not centimeters because it depends on each case. If you want to leave it long, you have super healthy and shiny hair. And the shape lasts a long time, you can cut it every four months. And, furthermore, you don’t only have to go when the ends are in poor condition. “A cut and a custom color is the perfect combination to beautify a woman. The best way to highlight the texture, light, and natural movement of the hair”, assures Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez.

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Early Signs and symptoms of Teen Pregnancy

Pregnancy is a life-changing event for any woman, and it’s no different for teenagers. Although teen pregnancy rates are declining, thousands of young women experience it every year. If you’re worried that you might be pregnant or know someone who is, it’s essential to be aware of the early signs and symptoms.

The 10 best pregnancy books to read

Is this normal that happens to me? What can I eat Why am I so sleepy? What awaits me on the day of delivery? Will I be a good mother? Since you see the positive in the test and your doctor confirms that you are pregnant, hundreds of doubts do not stop arising in your head. Your gynecologist will solve many of them, but not all of them are medical. And it is always better to have a little extra help. That’s what pregnancy books are for.

Some are so fantastic that they hardly leave any doubts unresolved. In this post, we have made a selection of the 10 pregnancy books for pregnant women that can help you the most in all areas: emotional, medical, physiological, and preparation for parenting.

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage in a woman’s life, but it also involves a multitude of physical and hormonal changes for which no one has prepared us. Not to mention the enormous responsibility of living a life within yourself. You worry about any unexpected symptoms and want to lead the best possible lifestyle to ensure their health and safety.

If to all this we add the natural fear of childbirth and if we will know how to do it well in parenting, we have a cocktail that makes pregnant women not stop hitting the head in the nine months of gestation.

In addition to bombarding your gynecologist with questions at each visit, the best thing you can do is read a book about pregnancy and about raising these 10 that we propose. It is not about reading them all, but about choosing the ones that you think best suit your needs and will best solve all your doubts.

pregnancy books to read

They are very different pregnancy books from each other. Because each future mother looks for different things when she is pregnant and not all of us ask ourselves the same thing.

There are classic pregnancy guides, which solve all the doubts you may have.

We also recommend books that focus on more specific aspects, such as diet or the psychological changes that motherhood brings.

The books on parenting are among our favorites. And to finish we suggest a little humor.

All of them are written by prestigious professionals who approach motherhood and pregnancy from a multitude of different perspectives.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting. Heidi Murkoff

This book is a classic that does not go out of style. Many call it the pregnancy bible because it really is so complete. Few doubts regarding the natural process of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium will arise that you will not see resolved, in one way or another, in this book.

It is quite voluminous, but its reading is enjoyable because it is divided by months and weeks of pregnancy, and little by little it introduces all the topics. Each chapter includes a question and answer section with the most common doubts at that stage.

And at the end of the book, he talks about more specific topics like twin pregnancies or illnesses.

Pregnancy And Childbirth: Everything You Need To Know For Clumsy. Emilio Santos Leal

The gynecologist and psychiatrist Emilio Santos Leal explains in this book everything you need to know about pregnancy and childbirth, trying to escape stereotypes and prejudices. Following the line of the ‘for clumsy’ books, the expert tries to convince parents not to allow themselves to be treated like this by professionals. Give them tools so that they know the process of pregnancy and know how to defend themselves.

It is a very enjoyable and practical book. It is less dense than the previous one but includes the basic information about this process.

Nine Months Of Waiting: Josefina Ruiz Vega And Mª Concepción Díez Rubio

This book is considered the bible of pregnancy in Spanish. It is less known than Murkoff’s, but it really is a very complete book that solves most of the doubts that may arise about pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. It is written by Dr. Ruiz, a gynecologist, and Dr. Díez, a psychiatrist, so it perfectly combines both perspectives, something that other books do not do.

It has the advantage that both are Spanish, so the explanations on the medical aspects of the pregnancy and delivery follow-up are in line with what is done in Spain. Something that does not happen with foreign pregnancy books.

The Challenge Of Being A Mother: Nuria Mollá

If you have had enough about pregnancy, we recommend that you spend some of your time reading Nuria Mollá to discover the most practical aspects of parenting. This book talks about bottles, strollers, feeding, tantrums, toys, and a host of other details. You will appreciate being forewarned.

Kiss Me A Lot. Carlos Gonzalez

The well-known book by pediatrician Carlos González is a defense manual for parenting with attachment and respect. Reading it dismantles many prejudices about children and teaches us to look at them differently. Among other issues, it addresses issues such as sleeping, eating or tantrums. An essential.

A Present For The Whole Life. Carlos Gonzalez

It is impossible to keep a single book by González. Bésame mucho is her best-known work, but A Gift for Life is a book that all pregnant women who want to breastfeed should read. A guide to knowing to breastfeed well and solve any problem that arises along the way.

Breastfeeding is one of the processes related to parenting that tends to arouse the most doubts. Many breastfeeds fail due to a lack of knowledge and support. So reading this book while you are pregnant can help you a lot. González’s maxim is that practically all women, except in exceptional cases due to illness, are prepared to breastfeed their babies.

The Best Of Our Lives. Lucia Galán

Lucía Galán, better known to all as Lucía, my pediatrician, has a special sensitivity when it comes to approaching motherhood and parenting.

In this book, she combines her experience as a pediatrician and as a mother to talk, chapter by chapter, about pregnancy, childbirth, the different stages of childhood, adolescence, conflicts, diseases …

A very beautiful book that will excite you on more than one occasion if you read it pregnant. And that you will want to reread during parenting.

We recommend that you also read You are a wonderful mother and The trip of your life, by the same author. Two books in which she continues to address aspects of motherhood and parenting and in which she combines her personal experience as a mother with examples of cases that she has seen in the performance of her profession.

Motherhood And The Encounter With One’s Own Shadow: Laura Gutman

Argentine therapist Laura Gutman explores in this book the psychological changes that being a mother causes in a woman and how other moments of her life prior to her influence the way in which she will face motherhood. It addresses the connection between mother and baby during the puerperium and the effects it has on both.

The Maternal Knot. Jane Lazarre

In this raw and intense book, writer Jane Lazarre recounts her own experience with motherhood. The clash of expectation with reality, pain, exhaustion, frustration are part of motherhood and Lazarre tells you about it.

An uncomfortable, but the necessary book, which also talks about roles and machismo and the need for support that mothers have and that they do not always find in society.

Not Geek Parents: How To Have A Baby And Not Become Corny. Ata Arróspide

Not everything is going to be guides and manuals. This time we recommend a tremendously fun book.

As its name suggests, the book laughs at how nerdy most mortals become when they are parents and gives you the keys to try to escape this trend and maintain your essence. Will you be able to resist filling your baby with bows? Or to talk to him with music and big gestures?

Here is our selection of pregnancy books on pregnancy and parenting. Ideal for both future moms and fathers to read, who should also soak up the topic, don’t you think?

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7 tricks to make hair grow faster

Before getting into the rapid hair growth technique, you should know that hair grows in a phase called growth (during the hair’s life cycle), which can generally last anywhere from 2 to 6 years.

5 destinations to fight with stress

The word stress has entered impetuously into the daily vocabulary of each of us. Even in yours. Do you always feel tired, fatigued, without energy or ideas? Then you need a holiday dedicated to relaxation or a wellness weekend for those who do not forget. From a technical point of view, stress represents the body’s psychophysical response mechanisms to the environment. Or internal pressures which, in the absence of sufficient resources to cope with them, resulting in headaches, nervousness, insomnia, dissatisfaction, and so on. In less plastered terms, in short, stress is nothing more than the discomfort we feel when our life does not follow a linear path. We have too high expectations and too few opportunities for quiet to regenerate us or fight with stress. And travel is one of the best treatments if done properly.

The precious trips are those that act as real therapy. The success is proportional to the degree of detachment that can produce if the situations that generate voltage are restored from home, in fact, as will prove almost useless.

Thus, a “nature and well-being” journey is made up of slow rhythms, gestures that bring you closer to the simplicity of existence. The search for inner peace and the impulses that hectic life often compresses. And then again of beauty, so much, so much, so much beauty. So that the solicitations to which our body must respond are above all those of harmony, the joy of life, carefree.

In search of peace in South Korea, at the Haein-Sa Temple

One of the reasons why it is difficult to avoid stress is the fact that it often unconsciously has its usefulness. Building a life overflowing with commitments and occupations allows. In fact, to stay away from deeper discomfort or anguish. If you want to try to deal with them, consider a trip to South Korea and a retreat in the Haein-so complex.

Mostly known for the Tripitaka, an extraordinary collection of more than 80,000 wooden tablets bearing the Buddhist scriptures. This temple on the slopes of Gaya-san is an ideal place to resonate with one’s inner emotions. There, in fact, in a supremely quiet, between pagodas and statues. And without the help of meetings or business phone calls, you will necessarily be forced to listen to your emotions. And, who knows, to realize that there is something you fear more than stress.

Bali, when to go to rediscover yourself

go Bali to fight with stress

The link between stress and the perception that daily events follow one another in an uncontrollable or unpredictable way is clinically documented. So, whether you are an intrepid traveler or not. Let the magic word be all-inclusive for once.

A trip to Bali in this sense is ideal: fly to these shores and then reach one of the many tourist villages on the beaches of Nusa Dua. With your beautiful colored bracelet on your wrist, the sun, palm trees, fruit cocktails are to be sipped by the pool. And a tennis lesson awaits you in a repeated manner. Therefore, say hello to any concern, say goodbye to the concept of mishap, and take leave of the agitation: pampered by entertainers and bartenders, the only inconvenience that can happen to you will be sunburn from falling asleep on the beach.

By booking your stay you will receive all kinds of services. Including airport transfers from your chosen Bali hotel, so don’t worry about that either.

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, to watch the world from above

As much as life has weighed you down, here, believe it, it will be very difficult not to feel light. Who knows, perhaps the therapeutic power of this 8 km of cliffs in Ireland lies in the impetuous wind. Which together with the leaden clouds, also blows away the worries; or perhaps in the incessant breaking of the waves on the rock, which soothes the soul as a mantra uttered relentlessly by the sea. Or in the perception of one’s own smallness, 200 meters above the turbulent waters.  Otherwise, is it instead in the hypnotic screech of the birds that nest in the walls? In the arcane beauty of the verdant pastures, in the titanic shapes of O’Brien’s Tower?

In all cases, the Cliffs of Moher offer visitors a grandiose view of the Atlantic Ocean. As well as the futility of their own frenzy. Overhanging both.

Journey to Mongolia, in the Lun steppe

Imagine endless expanses of green, a silence broken only by the neighing of horses in the wild, and a quiet close to ideality. Well, if you notice that your nerves are already relaxing. Know that that place really exists, in the steppe near Lun, in Mongolia.

There, you can be guests of a family of nomads in a higher (typical circular yurt) worthy of Genghis Khan. And forget about internet connection, traffic, telephone, and the busy agenda; in their place, long walks with upturned noses await you to see the golden eagles, the wind in your hair, the intense scent of grass, music. And tales of ancient sagas around a crackling bonfire. And so, at night no worries and worries will hang over you. But only the immensity and the peace of the starry vault.

Havana, Cuba: getting lost in colors and music

If the passage of time does not give you respite, your days are obsessed with video conferencing meetings and you feel in constant trouble. There is nothing better than dreaming of a trip to Cuba, to Havana.

The Cuban capital will offer you, in addition to the multicolored Habana Vieja. The eighteenth-century Cathedral of San Cristóbal, and the solemn Plaza de la Revolucion. The opportunity to learn how frenzy and dynamism can be accompanied by informality and relaxation. In fact, in a city where public transport does not have timetables. It is necessary to pack the hurry and bow to a serene fatalism.

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How to make up your eyes according to color and shape

In a world completely transformed by this moment of emergency, it is the eyes that reign supreme. The mask covers half the face and the attention shifts entirely to the gaze which becomes our only means of communication to understand and make ourselves understood. Make-up trends also evolve in this direction, giving greater emphasis to eye make-up.

To best enhance your look it is good to know how to make up your eyes according to the size and color: there are some very useful guidelines to always highlight the upper part of your face in the right way.

How to make up brown eyes

Brown eyes and, more generally, dark eyes give an idea of ​​depth and intensity to those who meet them: it is, therefore, right to enhance this feature with effective make-up, but without exaggerating. From the point of view of make-up, the choice of make-up for brown eyes is decidedly more varied and versatile than make-up for light eyes.

Let’s start by specifying that brown is a color that comes out of the sum of red, yellow, and blue: often, therefore, brown eyes have a predominant yellow-orange. Information that is useful when it comes to choosing the color of the eyeshadow to match our eyes.

Natural make-up for brown eyes is created with two neutral colors, to which you then go to add a lighter and a darker color, respectively for the inner and outer part of the eyes. Let’s start by applying a soft color, such as cream or ivory, all over the eyelid, and then blend a brownish eyeshadow in the upper part of the outside of the eye, which recalls the tone of our iris. At this point, we complete everything with a touch of light pearly white eyeshadow in the inner corner and a touch of dark brown eyeshadow on the outside.

The trick to hazel eyes really magnetic may also be more complex, and in this case, we rely on a striking color like purple. How to make up brown eyes for a super cool effect? Let’s first proceed with a slight cut crease using a magenta eyeshadow, then apply a purple eyeshadow on the rest of the eyelid, perhaps in a dark and cold shade. For perfect makeup for brown eyes, remember to blend the purple eyeshadow also towards the lower outer corner of the eyes and further intensify the look with mascara.

How to make up green eyes

After seeing how to do dark eye make-up we now move on to lighter shades. Green irises are highlighted by rusty and reddish tones, but also stand out with colors such as burgundy, plum, purple, and aubergine.

For those who love a romantic and delicate look, we use a light pink eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid and add a touch of purple on the outer part of the eye, taking care to blend a little also on the outer part of the lower inner rim.

For a more sophisticated mood, however, we can combine purple with a pearly shimmer or silver shimmer eyeshadow, creating a perfect mix for the evening or a special occasion.

How to make up blue eyes

Make-up experts know it well: when it comes to choosing how to make up your light eyes, the first step is to create a black frame that enhances its natural depth. The eyeliner, therefore, becomes the best ally of blue eyes. A cat-eye mood will conquer everyone at first glance!

With blue eyes, then, warm tones, such as gold and bronze, also perfectly match. We can choose to use them in lighter shades for a natural daytime look or turn to darker shades for an evening, sensual, and glam chic look.

Eye make-up of different shapes: tips and tricks

It is not only the color that comes into play when it comes to the look: also the shape contributes in a decisive way to the choice of eye make-up that really manages to do us justice. Let’s see together, following the advice of Idea Bellezza, how to make up the eyes depending on the shape and size.

How to make up almond eyes? In this case, the advice is to play with two-tone eyeshadows, starting from the darker one on the fixed eyelid and gradually smoking in the light to make the eyes open and bright.

How to make up small eyes? This is where mascara comes into play, necessary to broaden the look. The Rimmel in the small eye make-up must then be combined with clear and luminous eyeshadows and the double use of the eye pencil: the black one must be applied in the lower rhyme, but only in the external part; on the inside, on the other hand, pencils with light shades, such as champagne, butter or nude, are preferred.

How to make up big eyes? When it comes to large and rounded eyes, the first strengths to highlight with make-up are the crease of the eye and the lash line. So let’s spread a light eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid and create a cut crease in the crease with a dark eyeshadow. To highlight, instead, the area near the lash line we use an eyeliner. We complete the makeup with a volumizing and lengthening mascara and a butter-colored pencil to be applied inside the lower rim.

With these small, but useful indications, we will be able to make the most of our eyes every day, with shades and techniques suitable for the various moods and different occasions of the day. The look says who you are, the right make-up underlines it!

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5 advantages of being a short woman

There are people of all kinds and perhaps you do not characterize yourself for being a too tall woman. In fact, you may classify yourself as a short woman. Do you think it is something negative? No way! Being a short woman does not have to be a complex reason. In fact, you can enjoy being a short woman because it has many more advantages than you imagine. We want to explain the 5 advantages of being a short woman. You will never want to wear heels again!

5 advantages of being a short woman

You will always look younger

If you are short, you will always look like a younger woman than you really are. How about always looking like 18 years old? In the long run, it will be an advantage for you and envy for all the women around you who take you a few feet in height.

What is clear, that if you want to look younger. In addition to the advantage of being a little shorter than the rest, you must take care of your diet and your physical condition. Being in good health in every way will also help you look even younger.

You will travel comfortably in any transport

People who are tall or overweight may find it difficult to travel on public transportation. On the other hand, if you are short and you also take care of your body, you will have comforts in any transport you choose, whether public or private.

If you travel by car, you can have a comfortable and wide seat for you, and if you travel by plane, you will not feel the narrowness of the seats, nor will the others occupy your personal space. The same will happen to you by bus or train. They are all advantages!

You buy cheaper clothes

It is not that it is something you want to show off everywhere. But when you go shopping, you can stop by the children’s section because there are girl clothes that can serve you and you can buy. The good thing is that designers make very beautiful models that, with good combinations, can pass as adult clothes perfectly.

But the best of all this is not that you have more options to choose the clothes you want to wear. But that girl’s clothes are usually much cheaper than adult clothes and, therefore, you can save good money. It’s perfect for your economy!

Your loon becomes more romantic

Yes, it does not only happen in romantic movies. If you are short, you will be able to savor the moment when your partner bends down affectionately to kiss you. You will also be able to enjoy sexual pleasures that taller people would have more difficulty enjoying.

Being short, you can be more ‘manageable,’ surely you weigh less. That is why your partner will have more facilities to take you in his arms without later having injuries of any kind. You can also wear their shirts as a nightgown. Who was going to tell you that being short would help you enjoy an extra romanticism in your relationships? Let’s enjoy it!

All beds are XXL for you

Who doesn’t like to sleep in a big or giant bed? It doesn’t matter what type of bed you choose because it will surely always be a giant mattress for you. You will have extra space to stretch out as much as you want and enjoy the privacy and rest that a large bed provides you.

The best also is that if you share a bed with your partner. The size of it will not be a problem either. Because even if it is not very big, both of you will have enough space to sleep better and comfortably next to each other. You will be able to enjoy great comfort with a smaller bed size! In addition, the smaller beds cost less money, so you will also be saving money for this part.

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How to Size Mountain Bike Frame Pro Guideline

I’m here to tell you that a lot of the new. We can’t ride in any size. I didn’t know that that’s a thing again. Today it’s zero outside, but we can do something anyway, how to pick the right size bike for you?

My own personal train wreck was sizing happened recently and decided I was going to get another one.

First Step

They’re medium, but the most common bike size is large. The average height of an American man is five nine.

There is a question that also comes on how to measure a bike frame?

If you’re sizing so that you can make the power that’s small So people are over-reporting and the other thing, the geometry of bikes has changed.

Head angle will base stuff going on like all of these things contribute to the increased length of the bike. But the number that I care about the absolute most is the reach of the frame.

What do you mean when you say rat rad? Isn’t an industry term it’s a return and rider area distance between the bottom bracket of your frame to the mid-point intersection of your grips.

So how people size the mountain bike and when it needs to do for a new bike or a prototype then you need to do some tricks.

He does that measurement and he’s cool and that’s rad out of us out. There are having trouble with power messes, the manual, or pumping or hopping or boosting jumps, or getting up legends very possible that you’re having trouble with those moves because your bikes rad is too.

And you simply cannot generate the kind of torque you want to generate.

Most people show up on bikes whose rather too long for them, and they have a real hard time learning these.

If someone’s short size, I put them on my bike and they’re able to do everything so much easier. One thing about an optimal rad is it gives you access to that peak torque.

The other thing that this optimal distance does, the arc of your bike handlebars is relatively small, which allows you to use the big muscles in your torso.

Your lats and pecs to manage the bike. When that lever is longer, it takes to work out into your arms and shoulder. If you’ve never done it correctly, you don’t even know how weak you are.

Maybe we should try to deadlift and see if we can quantify how much weaker you get a lot weaker.

Second Step

There is a portable dread lifter. These bands are cheap and you’re going to discover in a minute, they can get very heavy to handle them. In a band and you’ve got a dread line.

You might be thinking to yourself right now. You need to make that much power on the bike. But if you want a bunny hop, it’s a lot of power. It’s a quick dread lift.

But now how about your arms you may be less than half as strong with your arms bent. So, this is Alex’s New Jersey bike that he seems to fricking love that, right?

I’m going to guess that this is at a perfect rad and all I’ve gotten from you on this bike is pure unabashedly stoke in my world.

This type of bike you can buy for one reason it was going to Whistler and I’m going to guess it’s big.

So, if it is big, that would suggest that. And with a downhill bike, I can definitely go a little bit rad.

It’s going to be an inch and a half too big. It’s your fist hanging behind that grip? It’s really close.

It shoulders blades together and punch them down and then make fists and punch your fist down, dude, the right behind the grip.

It’s a beautiful thing about the new bikes is they’re raked out more. They are longer. Even if you get a bike with the same reach, don’t feel like you’re not taking advantage of the new geometry the way along.

It’s going to have a slack head angle and it’s going to have an appropriate offset. It’s going to have reasonable chainstays. It’s gonna have a long wheelbase and it is a long bike. The lever that we control is that rad lever.

And then of course, within that, when we choose the bike, we choose it based on. This is a great way to get a sense of how bikes fit. It’s like 30 bucks.

You can get them at your local hardware store. I was on this bike when we were doing the attack position video, and I felt like it was hard for me to get a full extension with it.

So that’s like a good 40 millimeters and that’s a lot and this is what I see on most people on new bikes, they look like that what size this bike is and It’s a medium.

There’s a pattern emerging, which is bikes that fit me. I love the idea that with these new bikes you’d ride them further.

What sport do you bury your weight on your hands? I couldn’t think of anything where you would want to have a portion of your weight consistently and always on your hands.

I know some of you guys do the handlebars are being used to support your body and don’t think that Lee’s saying that you don’t have energy in your arms and your power.

You’re always putting power into the vital way that but it’s not like he’s just going along, bouncing along with weight on your hands.

Third Step

It’s not a power-on handlebar, but we never put weight on handlebars. This is critical and so a huge part of a perfect dynamic mountain bike fit is the ability to ground your weight and your feet and have full control over the art of the covenant.

Other than It’s such a perfect way to illustrate the difference between weight and power.

Here are some easy calculations you can do to find your optimal starting point for your frame reach. If you want a neutral rad to take your height and centimeters and multiply it by 2.5.

So that gets you right around that four 30. If you want to arrive rad minus I do it for my shoulders and it makes my bike a little bit more maneuver.

Then multiply your height by 2.4 or five, if you want to ride rad plus not crazy unrideable ride plus, but just a little bit extra, then multiply your height by 2.55.

Now that that’ll give you a good range, those multipliers work is awesome. When you’re going out and looking for new bikes and you’re reached number then no matter how the bike company does their sizing, no matter what they call it, you’ll go to the geometry chart and look for the reach.

When you find a reach that matches your number that bike’s gonna feel okay. Once you know your number because the bike industry has other ideas that might not serve you.

So, if you go the sizing charts, they’re going to tell you something different

If you go to a demo event, they’re going to tell you something different. There is your number and stick to it.

I’m here to tell you that a lot of the new mountain bikes we can’t ride in any sense. Well, like I could ride a 440 bike would probably what that is but I would have to make some real adjustments.

Don’t think this is an indictment because everything about what’s happening with geometry still happens. Slacker, head angles, steeper seat angles, easier to climb, more ability to rip downhill. All of that still works. It’s all great.

It’s all and it works even better when getting into a bike that fits me and has all that benefits of geometry but also has the benefit.

Me being able to use my body on that bike to get it, to achieve the things that I needed to do. That’s well said, there’s a reach number that you love, and whatever it is just know it.

A little surprise we picked up two frames. This is a small and medium that we’re building them up with the same components and what we’re going to just test the thing.

And here’s the cool part the one that I don’t choose, we’re going to raffle. In supportive, gross, cycling and foundation to build a punk track in Los Angeles.


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How not to sweat: the most effective techniques

How not to sweat is one of the questions that arise when you have this problem and, in particular, with the arrival of the summer season. Sweating a lot, in fact, always creates a certain embarrassment. This is why it can be useful to learn some small strategies that can limit the problem, making the days more peaceful.

How to sweat less: here’s what you can do about it

When wondering how to avoid sweating, the answer is not always the same for everyone. In fact, there are those who are faced with this problem when it is too hot and those who suffer more from anxiety and stress.

In any case, there are several methods to avoid sweating and that you can try until you find the most suitable one. Among the best known and worth considering are:

– Wash often to keep your skin cool

– Wear breathable clothing

– Reduce the consumption of coffee and exciting drinks

– Avoid spicy foods

– Do not expose yourself directly to the sun

– Always carry a bottle of water with you (preferably cold ) to dab or drink

These techniques can also be applied all together. This way you will have the opportunity to find the combination that best suits your lifestyle.

The mistakes you should never make when you sweat

In addition to finding techniques to sweat less, it can be important to avoid those wrong attitudes that are often carried out unknowingly. For example, one should always remember that one does not sweat only in the armpits or in the hands, and therefore, when this happens, all the clothes you were wearing should be washed.

The deodorant should never be used while you are already sweaty but only before and on freshly cleansed skin. It can also be useful to learn to recognize those situations that push you to sweat more and, in case of stress, to learn relaxation techniques. If you are having problems with the heat, it can help to always carry a fan or small portable fan with you.

Recall that excessive sweating can also be a full-blown problem that has the name of hyperhidrosis. If you realize that you actually sweat a lot, it is, therefore, advisable to consult a good dermatologist also to avoid secondary problems such as for example, sweat dermatitis.

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Shark Vacuum Hose Replacement Full Guideline

If you have a shark vacuum and your hose is cut or split. Then you have to need to replace your shark vacuum hose. Here we have given easy and pro guidelines to replace your shark vacuum hose.

Remove Bottom Part

We’re going to replace the hose and the first thing we have to remove the bottom part. So, what we have to do is press the lever and pull it out and the whole piece needs to separates.

So, we can work on this unit, and then what I’m to do is I’m going to take a picture of the bottom piece.

I know where these screw holes are and when I take the screws out, if they are different sizes, I can then mock up the picture of this bottom, to know where the screws go back in place.

When I have to finish, I took a photograph of the bottom plate here with my camera and printed it out of my printer.

You can just draw this on a piece of paper and mark the holes where the screws are.  you just need to take a magic marker and I’m just going to number the screw holes.

When you engage with pet hair then this is mandatory to take the best shark vacuum for pet hair.

Starting with the hole right over here. I marked this as number one center one is number two and number eight on the other side in the back. So, you can see I’ve numbered these screw holes.

I just use a container for pills and what I’m going to do is put the screws in these containers. The screws are the same size. I’ll just put them in the same container as the other screws of the same size.

I’m starting with screw number one now and this is a Phillips head screwdriver. I know in some of the older models or some other models, they use different kinds of screw holes and sometimes you have to buy a special set.

They’re star screwdrivers, rectangle screwdrivers and there are different kinds of shapes.

Once all the screws out you just turn it over very carefully because there were two, these two screws still stayed in there.

I couldn’t get them out. So just turn it over carefully and just simply, let’s go of this front white piece and there are some side pieces here. Just make sure that they stay in.

So, I just turn this upside down and put this aside, and now you have and now we’ve done as a, as a stop-gap until we found a new hose.

Which we got online and I’ll give you that details a little bit later as to where I bought it but we put some duct tape and you know the duct tape is for everybody.

Take a Part

It works very well and independent. The next step is to take this piece off. So, I’m going to just lift it up to show you where the screws are.

There are two screws down there and I’m going to take those screws out and that’ll take this whole plate off.

I have two separate cups in because these screws are going to be a different size and I have a little magnetic thing here to help get the screws out.

This will allow me to get the peace and that’s holding this end of the hose and I’m going to be taking this white piece out and you’ll see that pretty carefully.

All you need to do is to lift this little piece out very carefully and when you need to get to this piece right here, I’m going to remove this little connector very carefully.

This little connector here you have need to take this piece off entirely, so it won’t be in and you see that it comes off of those two little pins down there.

Remove Roller Brush

The next thing I’m going to do is I’m going to remove the belt from the roller, and then I’m going to lift the rollout, and this way I can now get to this piece here, that’s holding the hose and just you’ll notice over on the side, there’s a little button.

That’s kind of fits into the red slot. I’m just going to rotate a little bit to get it out of the slot. Now I’m going to rotate this clockwise to unscrew this little white piece from the hose.

Then theoretically, if I turn in the same direction, it’s going to unscrew the hose inside the mechanism. First, I’m going to take this tape off, and now with the tape off, you can see where the hose was split.

So now lifters also rotate it clockwise and we pull the hose out. I mentioned before that I was going to tell you about the hose replacement.

The next step is to then turn this counterclockwise until it screws all the way into the housing. Now we take this piece here and we know that this little white button.

Just going to have to go into this little hole down here. I don’t know if you can see it. So, I’m going to first turn this now and again, this is going to be counter-clockwise all the way.

And now the trick is to be able to get this back. So, I may have to stretch the hose a little bit.

Slack back here, get my head out of the way slot here. Pretty down on a little bit of an angle. And then squish this into place and it snaps into, and it snaps into the hole. Now you’ve got that connection with the role of backend dell time. First putting this piece back.

First, I’m going to put it back in its place again and you have some slots here, which goes over the top of the roller brush wheel and you also have slots here that go over the flange of hose connection.

Instead, it helps it fine up properly make sure it goes down and you got the headlights over here and then I just take this little connector and very carefully.

I’ll make sure it snaps all the way down into place. So now it’s a question of putting the screws back in and I’ll first start with the two small screws that I took out last.

Now it’s a question of putting it back together. We put the cover on and also put the screws in. I’m just going to tighten them up now we’ll take it.

I’ll make sure that we’re aligned up with these connectors connect is about here. So, we just turn it sideways snaps into place, and let’s turn it on.


So, guys hopefully this guide helps you a lot to replace your shark vacuum hose. When you replace a shark vacuum hose you have to be careful because it’s not so easy task.

To get more vacuum repairing tips and tricks follow our vacuuming blog homeplix.

The five most powerful women in the world

What do Kamala Harris and Melinda Gates have in common? The power. Their names, along with other winners, are part of the list of women with the most capital and influence of the moment according to the American magazine Forbes.

“The democratic countries where human rights are most respected and where there are women who can reach positions of power in society, are also the countries that are best equipped to face the coronavirus crisis.”

This is stated in an article by Maggie McGrath for Forbes magazine and its annual ranking of the “Most Powerful Women in the World.” A podium that shows that women are capable of handling leadership and power.


The current German Chancellor, Angela Merkel (66 years old), leads this podium according to Forbes, for the fourteenth time. She was born in Hamburg on July 17, 1954. Angela Merkel is the daughter of Horst Kasner (a Lutheran pastor) and Herlind Jentzsch. And has two younger brothers, Marcus and Irene.

She has no children and was first married to the physicist Ulrich Merkel from 1977 to 1982. And from 1998 to the chemistry professor Joachim Sauer. Her current husband, although she still retains the surname of her first husband.

His political vocation was very early, and has a long history: he was a member of the German Free Youth, he joined the Demokratischer Aufbruch party after the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989, and he presided over the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) from 2000 until 2018.

She has been in office as Chancellor since 2005 with different coalitions between her party and other related parties, since she has won the elections of 2005, 2009, 2013, and 2017. In addition, she is one of the political leaders with the greatest weight in the European Union.


The second on the list is Christine Lagarde (65 years old), current president of the European Central Bank, a position she has held since November 2019, being the first woman to do so. Born in Paris (France) on January 1, 1956, she is the daughter of a teacher and a teacher.

She has two children, Pierre and Thomas, who are divorced and since 2006 has been in a relationship with businessman Xavier Giovanni. She is a vegetarian, does not drink alcohol, and was part of the national synchronized swimming team in her youth.

In her native country, she has held various positions: Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Minister of Commerce, and Minister of Economy, Finance, and Industry. She was also the first woman to hold the position of Minister of Economic Affairs in the G8 group and was director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from 2011 to 2019.


The third-place goes to the current Vice President of the United States Kamala Harris (56 years old), of the Democratic Party. Born on October 20, 1964, in Oakland (California), she has Tamil Indian descent on her mother’s side and Jamaican on her father’s side. She has been married to Douglas Emhoff since 2014.

Also of early political vocation, between 1990 and 1998 she was deputy district attorney in Alameda County, California; Chief of the San Francisco Neighborhood and Communities Division since 2000, San Francisco District Attorney from 2004 to 2011 and California Attorney General from 2011 to 2017.

She has been a United States senator for California since 2017 and has just been elected as vice president of the nation after Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the recent presidential elections, being the first woman to hold this position, the first person. black to do it, and also the first person of Asian descent to do it.


Ursula Von der Leyen (62 years old), German politician and current president of the European Commission, ranks fourth. Daughter of Heidi Adele Albrecht and Ernst Albrecht, she is a descendant of the prestigious 19th-century businessman, Baron Ludwig Knoop, and was born in Brussels, Belgium, on October 8, 1958. She is married to Heiko von der Leyen, of noble descent, and He has 7 children.

In 1990 he joined the Christian Democratic Union (CDU), the German political party of which Angela Merkel is also a member. She was elected to the Lower Saxony Parliament in 2003 and from that year until 2005 she was part of the Lower Saxony government, serving as Minister of the Family.

She has also accompanied Angela Merkel as a minister in the Government. First taking care of the Family and Security portfolios after the 2005 elections. A position for which she was re-elected in 2009. In 2013 she changed that portfolio to that of the Ministry of Defense. Since 2019 he has presided over the European Commission.


In the fifth position is Melinda Gates (56 years old), former CEO of Microsoft, former wife of Bill Gates, and co-founder with him of the world’s largest private charity, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

Melinda was born on August 15, 1964, in Dallas, Texas. She is the second of four children born to Elaine Agnes Amerland and Joseph French Jr. She has been with Bill Gates since 1987, married to him since 1994, and they have three children together.

This American philanthropist, the author of the book “The Moment of Lift: How Empowering Women Changes the World” (2019), is another of the oldest in the magazine’s Most Powerful Women in the World ranking since she has been among the most powerful women in the world for years. most prominent names.

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Anesthesia at the dentist in pregnancy: Yes or No?

Is the fear of using an anesthesia during pregnancy for dental treatment justified? Many women postpone their visit to the dentist or are not sure what to do if they have dental problems.

Here’s what you need to know.

Many women during pregnancy tend to neglect their oral health due to fears of using anesthetics or other medications. Whenever possible, it is certainly recommended to postpone some types of dental treatments. However, it is good to reassure many women about the possibility of administering local dental anesthetics even during gestation.

In some cases, it may be more harmful to the mother and baby to neglect some problems of the oral cavity. Just think of periodontal pathologies which, in particular conditions, could lead to the risk of preterm birth or the birth of underweight babies. In these cases, therefore, it is advisable to overcome your fears. And rely on the care of your trusted dentist. In fact, every dentist knows very well how to behave in these cases and will intervene with precautionary measures to ensure that the therapies performed do not interfere in any way with the health of the unborn child.

What dental care in pregnancy

To prevent dental pathologies in the gestational period. It would be advisable for the expectant mother to make check-ups before the conception of a child. So as to undergo any treatment in complete safety.

If you have problems with your teeth during pregnancy. It is preferable to wait until the second trimester or postpartum to put into practice dental treatments such as dental extractions or root canal treatments.

In general, drugs and x-rays should be avoided in the first trimester, while only emergency therapies strictly necessary for pain control should be carried out.

In the second trimester, however, it is possible for the mother to undergo simple and short-term dental therapies.

Finally, in the third trimester, treatments must be scheduled based on the mother’s health status. And the ability to resist in the supine position due to the fetal encumbrance.

However, if strictly necessary, dental care can be carried out every quarter. Infectious states or acute painful states of the oral cavity. If they are neglected, can represent a greater risk for the health of the woman and the fetus. If left untreated, infections of the oral cavity could spread through the bloodstream. It reaches the genitourinary tract and passes the amniotic membrane with risks for the fetus.

When it is not possible to postpone dental treatment, the dentist will proceed with the utmost caution. Administering only light local anesthetics or drugs appropriate to the patient’s condition.

In any case, before undertaking any type of treatment it is advisable to consult your gynecologist, who knowing in detail the state of health of the pregnant woman and the unborn child. It will be able to indicate any critical issues to which more attention should be paid.

Anesthesia yes or no?

The ‘ local anesthesia dentistry, if practiced with all the attention the case, has no contraindications for the expectant mother and the baby.

Since it is an exclusively local type of anesthesia. It is in fact eliminated from the body in a short time. Moreover, the chemical composition of this type of anesthetics is not able to cross the placental membrane, therefore it cannot cause any damage to fetal health.

Undesirable effects may arise only in the event of an overdose or injection directly into the bloodstream.

However, it is advisable to consult with your gynecologist before using any type of anesthetic. We remind you that any small operations under local anesthesia can be performed between the third and sixth months of pregnancy.

Other Medicines

Taking some types of drugs that are normally prescribed after specific dental treatments is not recommended during pregnancy. In any case, it is preferable to avoid taking any type of medicine in the first 12 weeks of gestation.

However, when drug therapy is indispensable, the adoption of various precautions is sufficient to minimize the risks for the child. For example, among the antibiotics, penicillins, macrolides, and cephalosporins are to be preferred, while among the analgesics the most suitable is paracetamol.

The Next Things You Should Do For Woman Success

You want to be like those women who have accomplished and are doing things in their life. Between desire, project, and materialization, you still have difficulties in shaping what you want to achieve. Before looking for external causes, let’s start with who you are. Do you have the characteristics, demeanor, and/or character traits that make you a powerful woman? Let’s take the example of 7 women who are the embodiment of what a powerful woman is, to have the answer to this question.


There is no success without work. You have to surpass yourself, propose, invest your time in a project that you want to see evolve positively. If you think that working is only going to allow you to travel and get up when you want to, you haven’t yet realized the value that hard work can bring to you: SUCCESS. Be that woman of success by taking pride in your work.


A successful woman has many different qualities, Tamara Mellon has understood that having values ​​is part of it. When success presents itself, it can quickly rise to your head and change your personality. Having important values ​​will allow you to keep a cool head and move forward with your head held high at each stage of your life.


Helping others is not a weakness, on the contrary, whether in the professional or personal sphere. When we talk about helping others, we always think of disadvantaged people. There are people who just need a helping hand to move in the right direction and find their motivation. Tyra Banks is one of those successful women who believe that helping others can grow her business just like helping these women find themselves.


Joanna Coles realizes that every interaction is valuable. Whether it’s meetings or events. In reality, we do not know where it will lead us or what it can bring us. But beyond what we can receive, it is important to appreciate all that you have, to value each meeting that you make. Imagine a domino game, where all the dominoes are arranged to achieve a goal. You have the goal, but the path is abstract. Every domino, every event is important to achieve this goal.


Knowledge is a strong kind of power and success. We learn about life every day at school, about our relationships. Nothing is to be put aside when one seeks to enrich one’s knowledge. Learning will allow you to develop your knowledge and confidence in what you say and what you do.


You should not accept all types of occasions, because in reality, not everything that looks like something positive is. Your strength will be in the way you analyze and make it a positive asset in your life. Having an opportunity doesn’t just mean having an opportunity to grow physically in the world, the opportunities are even found in failure. In any situation, we can learn a lesson to keep.


Fear is one of the biggest breaks that exist and the worst thing, you are the only one to put it in your way. We can’t repeat it enough, but you are unique, and what you can accomplish no one can do like you, because you bring your personal touch to it. Realize your potential and what you can contribute. Be confident in your abilities.

Being a successful woman cannot be improvised, you have to build yourself to become what you aspire to be. The character, the vision, the different stages of your life will lead you to this goal. Stay strong and determined!

6 Budget-Friendly Tips for Reducing Energy Costs

Not everyone can afford to put a new energy-efficient climate control system for their home, but there are budget-friendly ways to reduce your home’s energy consumption that not only make your home more comfortable but can lower your heating and cooling costs as well. Here are six tips to make your home more energy-efficient on a budget.

Free and Easy

Some of the most cost-effective ways to reduce your energy usage are also free. Close off unused rooms. Use window treatments, such as blinds and shades, to keep the sun out in the summer and let the sun in during the winter. Unplug unused electronics because they use electricity even when they’re off.

Install a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat offers a potential energy bill savings of $180 a year. With a programmable thermostat, you control the heat every hour of every day. Program a comfortable temperature when you are home and reduce it when you are at work. Most programmable thermostats have options to customize the settings daily to fit your schedule.

Insulate Your Hot Water Heater

If your hot water tank is an older model, you can save energy and money inexpensively by wrapping it in an insulating blanket made specifically for hot water tanks. You can purchase an insulating blanket kit at home improvement stores for less than $50. An insulating blanket reduces standby heat losses by as much as 45 percent.

Vacuum Behind the Refrigerator

Refrigerators consume a lot of energy and older models are big power hogs. To help your refrigerator run more efficiently no matter how old it is, gently vacuums and dust the coils behind the unit twice a year. Clean coils keep the fan balanced and functioning at optimum levels.

Seal Your Windows and Doors

If you feel drafts around your closed doors and windows, see gaps around the trim or peeling paint on the door or window frame, your home has air leaks. Closing the gaps around frames with sealant is an affordable do-it-yourself project that can result in significant reductions in heating and cooling costs.

Install window film to reduce energy loss in the cold winter months and reduce heat from the sun’s rays in the summer.

Insulate Your Attic and Basement

If your home is drafty, exhibits uneven room temperatures and you have high heating bills, it is likely that you don’t have enough attic and basement or crawlspace insulation. If you can’t do both, insulate the attic first because that’s where the bulk of your heat goes in the winter. You can install some types of insulation yourself, but adding insulation is a project that pays off even if you have to hire a contractor.

Most states offer a Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) that provides financial assistance to eligible homeowners who want to improve their home’s insulation and air sealing. Check your state’s official website for more information.

Benefits of Advanced Placement Classes for College-Bound Teens

You may have heard your teachers talking about advanced placement, or AP, courses and why they’re important if you’re considering going to college. However, a lot of students shy away from them because they are worried that they will negatively impact their GPA scores. The reality is, AP courses are worth more even if you get a lower grade than you would in a regular class. These courses are college-level, which means they offer a number of perks to the high school students that take advantage of them. Don’t believe it?

Recommendations for single mothers seeking employment

Around 1 and a half million women head a single-parent family in our country. Women who, on many occasions, have to get ahead without more help than themselves and who in 65% of cases find it difficult to make ends meet, according to Save The Children.

If this is your case, at the Adecco Foundation we can help you find a job through our network of offices and job offers. To do this, register your CV Job portal and sign up for the offers that suit your profile.

But in addition, in this article we propose some tips that will help you reflect on the (sometimes) so difficult task of reconciling employment and family and that, we hope, will contribute to making it something easier for you. Take note!

What to do if I cannot find a working day adapted to my situation?

65% of women who head single-parent families find it difficult to combine their professional role with caring for their own, demanding more work-life balance measures, according to the V Report on Single-parenthood and Employment, prepared by the Adecco Foundation. What to do in these cases?

According to Estefanía Fernández, a consultant for the Adecco Foundation in Navarra: “it is convenient to anticipate possible job proposals incompatible with the day we are looking for, betting directly on jobs that allow some flexible hours, even as a freelance. It is also a good measure to look for alternatives such as “time banks ”  of municipalities or entities, where you exchange services or favors without any economic counterpart. Its objective is to help families to solve small problems of daily life and, ultimately, to promote the creation of social networks based on mutual aid and solidarity ”.

For her part, Yolanda Quintana, a consultant for the Adecco Foundation in the Balearic Islands adds that: “ if we have not found a job adapted to our situation for a long time, a change in professional profile may be recommended, it does not have to be a change of sector but it can be a change of profile within the same sector ”. Quintana agrees with Fernández on the usefulness of seeking public resources such as summer schools, daycare tickets, or extracurricular activities, which allow mothers to fulfill their working hours while their children are well cared for. In addition, it alludes to the importance of creating a “ help network”, not only of relatives but with “friends, neighbors and other families in the same situation who can help us”.

 How to deal with my situation in the company?

Although having or not having children should not be the subject of a job interview, it is a question that could come out at some point. In this case, Quintana highlights the importance of “emphasizing that family responsibilities are not a problem since otherwise, it could arouse reluctance in the company.” To do this, it is vital to “ organize very well on a day-to-day basis, anticipating the unforeseen events that may arise (medical appointments, getting sick, etc.), through support networks and other alternatives, because only in this way will we be able to fulfill our day without setbacks. Planning will be our best ally ”.

If once we are hired, and despite having planned the possible unforeseen events, we have to absent ourselves from our position, “we have to show an open and flexible attitude with the company, emphasizing that we can compensate for this absence by staying longer another day or by being available to special needs that arise. The important thing is that they see us committed to the project and that they know that they can count on us ”.

How do I deal with financial problems with my children?

Estefanía Fernández highlights that: “it all depends on your age. If they are older, we can communicate it to them naturally and with a responsible and common position, and making them aware that we can all contribute and help. If they are minors, it is best not to worry them excessively, but to make them participate so that they are aware that they have to tighten their belts. A very good option is to involve them from a very young age in volunteer activities with people with financial difficulties. For example, going to help soup kitchens or any other similar initiative that helps us to be more human and less materialistic ”.

I don’t have enough time for my children, how do I manage it?

Being a single mother or father can be very stressful since the little free time available is invested in solving logistical issues of the home and children. However, the Adecco Foundation consultants recommend “ trying to find moments to enjoy quality time with your children. You don’t need a lot of time, just accompany them and listen to them doing daily tasks such as homework, games, movies, or music. That they feel accompanied because our company is the best gift for them ”.

On the other hand, they also insist on the need to “never lose a positive attitude, because our spirits will spread to our children, who are in very important stages of development.

How to create a special mother’s day memories

People often get confused when they are out in the market to buy Mother’s Day presents. They want to purchase just the right gift that will make their mothers smile. Finding an outstanding gift for Mother’s Day is extremely easy, believe me. You can get a coffee maker, jewelry piece, personalized stationery item, or a gadget. Whether you send a bouquet at mom’s office via mother’s day flowers delivery or give her an elegant watch yourself, she is sure to get impressed, because your presents tell her how special she is. So instead of spending time thinking about the perfect gift for mommy, use your brain to create some extra-special Mother’s Day memories.

Exploring The Beautiful Amalfi Coast!

The uniqueness of the natural landscape and the undisputed beauty of the Amalfi coastline have earned it the honor of being termed as one of the World Heritage Sites of UNESCO. The oxymoronic combination of fisherman and farmer, sea, and mountain characterizes the land that’s regarded as the Amalfi coast. Thanks to the endless efforts made by man, the mountains have learned to adapt themselves to the demand of life over the centuries. Small pebble beaches, charming coves, bays, cliffs, natural arches, caverns, and deep fjords can be found at the Amalfi coast because it plunges into the sea. Over the ages, these natural elements have helped the area in becoming a seductive, sinuous, and enchanting landscape.

Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise to learn that in ‘Odysseus’, the epic poem of Homer, this particular area is called the Land of the Sirens. A very picturesque landscape is created by typical houses that have been painted with warm pastel colors and are leaning against each other as they follow the natural slopes that are part of the foothills of Mount Lattari. Dry stone walls are used for building the characteristic terraces, which provide a unique sensory experience as they expand the intense smell of the vineyards, lemon groves, brooms and not to mention the salty air.

The pearls of this land are thirteen and are located on a stretch of road, which is often regarded as one of the most scenic roads in the world. The tourists can feel strong emotions as the road is ripped with bare rock. They will have pleasant memories of this place and will leave with an intense desire to come back to visit this place that almost seems like a piece of heaven on earth.

Some of the notable pearls of Amalfi Coast are:


This is a small fishing village that products fishing-related products, which have made it famous all over the world. It creates various culinary specialties like red tuna and the salted anchovy sauce.


Set amongst the green mountains, this is a group of districts and villages that are full of vineyards.


This fascinating town is the oldest on Amalfi Coast and has some important and notable monuments.

Vietri Sul Mare:

This area is renowned over the world for the production of ceramics and is considered the gateway of the Amalfi Coast.


This is a charming old town, although it looks pretty new and has narrow alleys and streets that help it in standing out.


This town comprises the remains of the ancient Roman villa and the hand-made pasta of this area is extremely tasty.


Having breathtaking views, this town has some architectural treasures that have enchanted important artists and writers, and even chiefs of states for years.


With a picturesque square, this is one of the smallest municipalities in Southern Italy.


This town draws tourists for its important buildings and having a look at the production of handmade paper in Amalfi.

Apart from these pearls, there are others like Furore, Positano, and Priano that are known for their Amalfi Coast rentals and other beautiful facilities and sights.

Why is women’s empowerment important for development?

Women must have a voice and vote in all areas so that they can participate on equal terms in dialogue and decision-making, to influence the decisions that will determine the future of their families and their country.

When we speak of empowerment we are referring to greater autonomy for women, their recognition, and the visibility of their contributions. The empowerment of women implies that they participate fully in all sectors and at all levels of economic activity to build strong economies, establish more stable and fair societies, achieve development, sustainability, and human rights goals and improve the quality of life of women. the families.

Women’s access to and control over economic and financial resources is decisive for achieving gender equality, empowering women, and for economic growth in our country.

The United Nations organization has pointed out that empirical data from various countries show that increasing the proportion of women’s controlled household income, from what they earn themselves or from money transfers, modifies spending patterns in ways that they benefit daughters and sons, and entire communities. Also, UN Women and the United Nations Global Compact published the Principles for the Empowerment of Women that offer the private sector some practices and policies on how to empower women in the workplace.

These principles consist of the following:

  • Promote gender equality at the highest level of leadership;
  • Treat men and women equally at work;
  • Respect and defend human rights and non-discrimination;
  • To watch over the health, safety, and well-being of workers;
  • Promote education, training and professional development of women;
  • Undertake business development, supply chain, and marketing practices for women’s empowerment; and
  • Evaluate and disseminate the progress made in favor of gender equality.

9 Things Women Should Know About Menopause

When you talk about menopause you will mostly hear words like hot flashes, weight gain, mood swings, night sweats, etc. But there are also side effects of menopause as well as some upsides which few people know or talk about. The good thing is that this transition can empower you. Here are some facts that maybe you do not know and also advice as to how you can make this time easier.

A Guide to Just Found Out I’m Pregnant

Just found out I’m pregnant; Congratulations on the big news, we are here to help you in the most emotional phase of your life, Pregnancy. We are here to guide you through the ins and outs, the happiness and fears of pregnancy. We have got all the expert advice for you, we will never let you miss anything.

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Looking Your Best

Nowadays most of us are busier than ever. Whether you are studying, raising a family, or going all-out in a new career, your mind and body are working overtime. But it is still important to take some time for yourself so that you look and feel as energized on the outside as you do on the inside.

Women Spending Power

These days, women have far greater spending power than in the past. In days gone by, the norm was that the family entertainment budget was more likely to be spent by the man of the house in the local pub. But in recent times, things have changed dramatically, and those involved in the catering trade would do well to take note to keep up.

5 Budget-Friendly DIY Car Detailing Tips

You shell out a lot of cash to buy a new car, not only in the way of loan payments (complete with interest), but also for registration, insurance, fuel, and of course maintenance. So it only makes sense to protect your investment so that it can continue to serve your transportation needs for many years to come and retain as much value as possible for eventual resale or trade-in. And part of the process includes regular cleaning and detailing. But you don’t necessarily have to spend a ton of money on upkeep.

5 College Care Package Tips for Parents

Whether your child goes to a college, you will probably want to send care packages every once and a while. Of course, even if your child is going to school in your home state, you will probably drive a care package over to the dorms. Sure, this may be embarrassing for your son or daughter, but it will be appreciated later, especially when your child is missing home or simply needs to snack on something during finals week. Indeed, care packages are called care packages for a reason.

Tips to Buy the Perfect Wedding Ring for Your Life Partner

A wedding is one of the most important reasons in one’s life; it is that special day when you take a step closer towards starting a new life with your loved one. The bond of love is sealed with the exchange of the wedding rings. The ring represents lifetime commitment and love towards your better half. With such importance attached to the wedding ring, you would surely want to pick the best ring for your partner. But, with so many options available in the market choosing the right one can be an overwhelming task, especially if you have no prior experience in buying any jewellery piece.

5 Common Clues That You Might Have Sleep Apnea

One of the most common sleeping disorders is sleep apnea. It affects more than 20 million people in the United States alone. However, what’s even more fascinating is the fact that almost 80 percent of those suffering from it have never been officially diagnosed.

How Clean Is Your Refrigeration Equipment Really?

Cleanliness is arguably the single most important part of your catering business, so strict procedures should be in place, but also that they must be followed and reviewed regularly.

Looking at your business through your customers’ eyes will help, although it is not always easy. Your customers will expect everything they use to be clean, whether that is cutlery and crockery or an ice machine in a bar or hotel. Cutlery is easy to clean because all surfaces are visible, and it can be washed thoroughly by hand or by machine, but an ice machine or similar machinery can be much trickier.

5 Ways to Kick-Start Your Diet Plan

If you’ve been wanting to take off a few pounds, the best way to do that is to exercise more and to get on some kind of diet. When it comes to the dieting part, that doesn’t mean that you have to do some kind of fad diet. In fact, according to most nutritionists and personal trainers, it’s actually best to look at dieting as more of a lifestyle change. That way, you can implement good habits that can stay with you longer than just a couple of weeks.

Quirky wedding trends for unique celebrations

Although getting married might be regarded as traditional, today’s wedding ceremonies are anything but. There is a growing trend for couples to make their day as unique and personal to them as possible. Not only does this mean conventional attire or music is not necessarily the norm, but even elements such as location, photography, and food can be given a quirky twist.

5 Budget-Friendly New Home Construction Tips

You might think that buying land and building your own home is going to be a lot more difficult and expensive than buying a house that is already built. And while the time and effort required for such a project will almost certainly exceed the purchase of a move-in-ready property, it doesn’t necessarily have to be more expensive. In truth, you could end up saving money, both up-front and down the line when you opt to build your own home. But you are going to have to engage in the planning process and put in the man-hours to make it happen. And of course, you’ll have to make wise decisions along every step of the way.