Women World

Every November 25, since 1981, it reminds us that governments, international organizations, NGOs, and society in general still have a long way to go to eliminate violence against women. Gender violence is the clearest manifestation of inequality between men and women. And the most serious violation of human rights suffered by millions of women, girls, and young people.

If you google “ advice for women ” you will probably find a lot of results like “fashion tips, how to lose weight, dating tips” and a lot more like that, and while there is nothing wrong with these topics, as women entrepreneurs we have bigger ambitions. Ambitions such as starting a new business, or growing our business internationally. That is why I have given myself the task of writing this list of 10 tips for women entrepreneurs:

These days, women have far greater spending power than in the past. In days gone by, the norm was that the family entertainment budget was more likely to be spent by the man of the house in the local pub. But in recent times, things have changed dramatically, and those involved in the catering trade would do well to take note to keep up.