10 precautions you must have during pregnancy

Precautions during pregnancy

10 precautions you must have during pregnancy

Pregnancy can be one of the most beautiful and, at the same time, the most chaotic stages for a woman. This process requires a lot of care and medical attention to ensure both the well-being of the mother and that of the baby.

Having a healthy pregnancy is very easy by putting certain habits into practice. Next, we share 10 precautions that you should have during pregnancy:

Eat A Balanced Diet

Healthy eating during pregnancy

The diet that the mother has during pregnancy has a direct relationship with the health and well-being of her baby inside the womb and after birth. You must bear in mind that everything you consume during pregnancy passes through the placenta and reaches the baby, so the more you eat foods rich in vitamins and minerals, the more nutrients your child receives within the uterus. Folic acid is extremely important during pregnancy since together with iron they are responsible for carrying the early development of the baby and reducing the risk of complications and defects.

Take Care Of Your Hygiene

Hygiene is another factor to take into account in basic care for pregnancy. There are diseases that can be avoided by washing frequently. Pregnant women should brush their teeth 3 times a day and their hands before eating and going to the bathroom. Hot baths will be ideal for hemorrhoids.

Exercise Properly

Unless it is a risky pregnancy and the doctor advises it, physical exercise is recommended throughout the pregnancy. The most suitable sports to practice during pregnancy are yoga, pilates, walking, golf, and belly dancing.

Sleep as much as you can:  Sleeping problems are very common among pregnant women, but it is important to pay special attention to sleep during pregnancy. Try to sleep as much as possible. Sleeping on the left side is recommended as it allows non-compression of the large blood vessels facilitating greater blood flow to the baby. In addition, it helps prevent swollen legs in pregnant women.

Hydrate Yourself As Necessary​​

During pregnancy, special attention should be paid to fluid intake, so drinking plenty of fluids will be essential. It is recommended to drink approximately 2 liters of water daily to promote the correct formation of the baby.

Avoid Tobacco And Alcohol

It is essential to have a 100% healthy pregnancy and quit tobacco and alcohol. If a woman smokes during pregnancy she is exposing the baby to harmful substances such as tar, carbon monoxide, and nicotine. Nicotine will reduce oxygen and nutrients in the baby, which can lead to problems during pregnancy. On the other hand, alcohol may interfere with the normal development of the fetus, causing congenital birth defects.

Control Hypertension In Pregnancy

Medical check-ups will be necessary for pregnant women with high blood pressure. It is advisable that women suffering from hypertension monitor their blood pressure at home. In most cases, the rest of the pregnant woman will be recommended, where aerobic exercise should be avoided.

Take Care Of Your Skin

Hormonal changes can cause changes in the skin of pregnant women, where the skin responds with greater sensitivity to the sun’s rays. In addition, due to fetal growth, stretch marks are formed.


Generally, during pregnancy itching may appear on the thighs, chest, and abdomen. To avoid this, it is recommended to use oatmeal creams and bath gels and to wear cotton, linen, or silk clothing.

Avoid The Use Of Stockings And Socks

Stockings and socks that favor the compression of the legs will not be suitable for pregnant women. This compression can cause varicose veins and therefore stockings and socks that squeeze the area should be avoided.

These were just some precautions to be taken into account throughout the pregnancy process. Remember to carry out your check-ups and comply with the follow-up that your gynecologist recommends.

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