5 destinations to fight with stress

destinations to fight with stress

5 destinations to fight with stress

The word stress has entered impetuously into the daily vocabulary of each of us. Even in yours. Do you always feel tired, fatigued, without energy or ideas? Then you need a holiday dedicated to relaxation or a wellness weekend for those who do not forget. From a technical point of view, stress represents the body’s psychophysical response mechanisms to the environment. Or internal pressures which, in the absence of sufficient resources to cope with them, resulting in headaches, nervousness, insomnia, dissatisfaction, and so on. In less plastered terms, in short, stress is nothing more than the discomfort we feel when our life does not follow a linear path. We have too high expectations and too few opportunities for quiet to regenerate us or fight with stress. And travel is one of the best treatments if done properly.

The precious trips are those that act as real therapy. The success is proportional to the degree of detachment that can produce if the situations that generate voltage are restored from home, in fact, as will prove almost useless.

Thus, a “nature and well-being” journey is made up of slow rhythms, gestures that bring you closer to the simplicity of existence. The search for inner peace and the impulses that hectic life often compresses. And then again of beauty, so much, so much, so much beauty. So that the solicitations to which our body must respond are above all those of harmony, the joy of life, carefree.

In search of peace in South Korea, at the Haein-Sa Temple

One of the reasons why it is difficult to avoid stress is the fact that it often unconsciously has its usefulness. Building a life overflowing with commitments and occupations allows. In fact, to stay away from deeper discomfort or anguish. If you want to try to deal with them, consider a trip to South Korea and a retreat in the Haein-so complex.

Mostly known for the Tripitaka, an extraordinary collection of more than 80,000 wooden tablets bearing the Buddhist scriptures. This temple on the slopes of Gaya-san is an ideal place to resonate with one’s inner emotions. There, in fact, in a supremely quiet, between pagodas and statues. And without the help of meetings or business phone calls, you will necessarily be forced to listen to your emotions. And, who knows, to realize that there is something you fear more than stress.

Bali, when to go to rediscover yourself

go Bali to fight with stress

The link between stress and the perception that daily events follow one another in an uncontrollable or unpredictable way is clinically documented. So, whether you are an intrepid traveler or not. Let the magic word be all-inclusive for once.

A trip to Bali in this sense is ideal: fly to these shores and then reach one of the many tourist villages on the beaches of Nusa Dua. With your beautiful colored bracelet on your wrist, the sun, palm trees, fruit cocktails are to be sipped by the pool. And a tennis lesson awaits you in a repeated manner. Therefore, say hello to any concern, say goodbye to the concept of mishap, and take leave of the agitation: pampered by entertainers and bartenders, the only inconvenience that can happen to you will be sunburn from falling asleep on the beach.

By booking your stay you will receive all kinds of services. Including airport transfers from your chosen Bali hotel, so don’t worry about that either.

Cliffs of Moher in Ireland, to watch the world from above

As much as life has weighed you down, here, believe it, it will be very difficult not to feel light. Who knows, perhaps the therapeutic power of this 8 km of cliffs in Ireland lies in the impetuous wind. Which together with the leaden clouds, also blows away the worries; or perhaps in the incessant breaking of the waves on the rock, which soothes the soul as a mantra uttered relentlessly by the sea. Or in the perception of one’s own smallness, 200 meters above the turbulent waters.  Otherwise, is it instead in the hypnotic screech of the birds that nest in the walls? In the arcane beauty of the verdant pastures, in the titanic shapes of O’Brien’s Tower?

In all cases, the Cliffs of Moher offer visitors a grandiose view of the Atlantic Ocean. As well as the futility of their own frenzy. Overhanging both.

Journey to Mongolia, in the Lun steppe

Imagine endless expanses of green, a silence broken only by the neighing of horses in the wild, and a quiet close to ideality. Well, if you notice that your nerves are already relaxing. Know that that place really exists, in the steppe near Lun, in Mongolia.

There, you can be guests of a family of nomads in a higher (typical circular yurt) worthy of Genghis Khan. And forget about internet connection, traffic, telephone, and the busy agenda; in their place, long walks with upturned noses await you to see the golden eagles, the wind in your hair, the intense scent of grass, music. And tales of ancient sagas around a crackling bonfire. And so, at night no worries and worries will hang over you. But only the immensity and the peace of the starry vault.

Havana, Cuba: getting lost in colors and music

If the passage of time does not give you respite, your days are obsessed with video conferencing meetings and you feel in constant trouble. There is nothing better than dreaming of a trip to Cuba, to Havana.

The Cuban capital will offer you, in addition to the multicolored Habana Vieja. The eighteenth-century Cathedral of San Cristóbal, and the solemn Plaza de la Revolucion. The opportunity to learn how frenzy and dynamism can be accompanied by informality and relaxation. In fact, in a city where public transport does not have timetables. It is necessary to pack the hurry and bow to a serene fatalism.

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