7 tricks to make hair grow faster

7 tricks to make hair grow faster

7 tricks to make hair grow faster

Before getting into the rapid hair growth technique, you should know that hair grows in a phase called growth (during the hair’s life cycle), which can generally last anywhere from 2 to 6 years.
The duration of this hair growth phase does not only depend on how we care for it or the products we use. The speed of hair growth also depends on other factors, such as genetics, hormonal changes, stress, lifestyle, and diet…

1- Rinse your hair with warm water:

When washing your hair, it is important to rinse well and leave no residue. An important fact to keep in mind is that the water temperature must be warm. Water that is too hot could irritate the scalp and cause problems.

2- Use specific products to grow hair:

You will surely know that there is a wide variety of products on the market that contain components that can help hair growth: shampoos, lotions, conditioners, masks …

3- Maximum hydration and nourishment for the hair:

Consider hair oils such as coconut or olive, which will leave it shiny and silky and also stimulate hair growth.
Once every 7 days you can apply a moisturizing mask as a hair growth treatment, with ingredients you are sure to have at home. You will only need Egg, water, and olive oil.

4- Comb and dry your hair very carefully:

Whether you are styling or drying your hair, it should be done gently and gently. Combing your hair every day can stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and help your hair grow longer and better. If you also use a brush with wooden bristles, you will take care of it better and reduce the frizz that bothers us.

5- Stop Dyeing and Warming Your Hair:

Although fantasy dyes are very trendy, if all you want to do is turn your hair into a mane, take a break from dyeing for a while. Just as you should avoid or reduce the use of irons, curlers, hairdryers, and other heating tools … If they are not correct or if they are used for a long time they will make the hair thinner, making it more fragile and weak.

6- Join the fashion of scarves and bandanas

Scarves and bandanas have become, in a short time, the star accessory that can be used for any occasion. They are a perfect option to decorate your hair without damaging it and making it healthy and grow without problems.

7-Check the lunar calendar before cutting your hair:

Although they are popular beliefs without any scientific proof … we will tell you about it just in case! They say that depending on what the moon looks like when you cut your hair, it will grow more or less quickly. Therefore, according to this theory, if you cut your hair during the first quarter between the new moon and the full moon, your hair will grow faster.


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