How to Size Mountain Bike Frame Pro Guideline

Mountain Bike Frame

How to Size Mountain Bike Frame Pro Guideline

I’m here to tell you that a lot of the new. We can’t ride in any size. I didn’t know that that’s a thing again. Today it’s zero outside, but we can do something anyway, how to pick the right size bike for you?

My own personal train wreck was sizing happened recently and decided I was going to get another one.

First Step

They’re medium, but the most common bike size is large. The average height of an American man is five nine.

There is a question that also comes on how to measure a bike frame?

If you’re sizing so that you can make the power that’s small So people are over-reporting and the other thing, the geometry of bikes has changed.

Head angle will base stuff going on like all of these things contribute to the increased length of the bike. But the number that I care about the absolute most is the reach of the frame.

What do you mean when you say rat rad? Isn’t an industry term it’s a return and rider area distance between the bottom bracket of your frame to the mid-point intersection of your grips.

So how people size the mountain bike and when it needs to do for a new bike or a prototype then you need to do some tricks.

He does that measurement and he’s cool and that’s rad out of us out. There are having trouble with power messes, the manual, or pumping or hopping or boosting jumps, or getting up legends very possible that you’re having trouble with those moves because your bikes rad is too.

And you simply cannot generate the kind of torque you want to generate.

Most people show up on bikes whose rather too long for them, and they have a real hard time learning these.

If someone’s short size, I put them on my bike and they’re able to do everything so much easier. One thing about an optimal rad is it gives you access to that peak torque.

The other thing that this optimal distance does, the arc of your bike handlebars is relatively small, which allows you to use the big muscles in your torso.

Your lats and pecs to manage the bike. When that lever is longer, it takes to work out into your arms and shoulder. If you’ve never done it correctly, you don’t even know how weak you are.

Maybe we should try to deadlift and see if we can quantify how much weaker you get a lot weaker.

Second Step

There is a portable dread lifter. These bands are cheap and you’re going to discover in a minute, they can get very heavy to handle them. In a band and you’ve got a dread line.

You might be thinking to yourself right now. You need to make that much power on the bike. But if you want a bunny hop, it’s a lot of power. It’s a quick dread lift.

But now how about your arms you may be less than half as strong with your arms bent. So, this is Alex’s New Jersey bike that he seems to fricking love that, right?

I’m going to guess that this is at a perfect rad and all I’ve gotten from you on this bike is pure unabashedly stoke in my world.

This type of bike you can buy for one reason it was going to Whistler and I’m going to guess it’s big.

So, if it is big, that would suggest that. And with a downhill bike, I can definitely go a little bit rad.

It’s going to be an inch and a half too big. It’s your fist hanging behind that grip? It’s really close.

It shoulders blades together and punch them down and then make fists and punch your fist down, dude, the right behind the grip.

It’s a beautiful thing about the new bikes is they’re raked out more. They are longer. Even if you get a bike with the same reach, don’t feel like you’re not taking advantage of the new geometry the way along.

It’s going to have a slack head angle and it’s going to have an appropriate offset. It’s going to have reasonable chainstays. It’s gonna have a long wheelbase and it is a long bike. The lever that we control is that rad lever.

And then of course, within that, when we choose the bike, we choose it based on. This is a great way to get a sense of how bikes fit. It’s like 30 bucks.

You can get them at your local hardware store. I was on this bike when we were doing the attack position video, and I felt like it was hard for me to get a full extension with it.

So that’s like a good 40 millimeters and that’s a lot and this is what I see on most people on new bikes, they look like that what size this bike is and It’s a medium.

There’s a pattern emerging, which is bikes that fit me. I love the idea that with these new bikes you’d ride them further.

What sport do you bury your weight on your hands? I couldn’t think of anything where you would want to have a portion of your weight consistently and always on your hands.

I know some of you guys do the handlebars are being used to support your body and don’t think that Lee’s saying that you don’t have energy in your arms and your power.

You’re always putting power into the vital way that but it’s not like he’s just going along, bouncing along with weight on your hands.

Third Step

It’s not a power-on handlebar, but we never put weight on handlebars. This is critical and so a huge part of a perfect dynamic mountain bike fit is the ability to ground your weight and your feet and have full control over the art of the covenant.

Other than It’s such a perfect way to illustrate the difference between weight and power.

Here are some easy calculations you can do to find your optimal starting point for your frame reach. If you want a neutral rad to take your height and centimeters and multiply it by 2.5.

So that gets you right around that four 30. If you want to arrive rad minus I do it for my shoulders and it makes my bike a little bit more maneuver.

Then multiply your height by 2.4 or five, if you want to ride rad plus not crazy unrideable ride plus, but just a little bit extra, then multiply your height by 2.55.

Now that that’ll give you a good range, those multipliers work is awesome. When you’re going out and looking for new bikes and you’re reached number then no matter how the bike company does their sizing, no matter what they call it, you’ll go to the geometry chart and look for the reach.

When you find a reach that matches your number that bike’s gonna feel okay. Once you know your number because the bike industry has other ideas that might not serve you.

So, if you go the sizing charts, they’re going to tell you something different

If you go to a demo event, they’re going to tell you something different. There is your number and stick to it.

I’m here to tell you that a lot of the new mountain bikes we can’t ride in any sense. Well, like I could ride a 440 bike would probably what that is but I would have to make some real adjustments.

Don’t think this is an indictment because everything about what’s happening with geometry still happens. Slacker, head angles, steeper seat angles, easier to climb, more ability to rip downhill. All of that still works. It’s all great.

It’s all and it works even better when getting into a bike that fits me and has all that benefits of geometry but also has the benefit.

Me being able to use my body on that bike to get it, to achieve the things that I needed to do. That’s well said, there’s a reach number that you love, and whatever it is just know it.

A little surprise we picked up two frames. This is a small and medium that we’re building them up with the same components and what we’re going to just test the thing.

And here’s the cool part the one that I don’t choose, we’re going to raffle. In supportive, gross, cycling and foundation to build a punk track in Los Angeles.


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