Quirky wedding trends for unique celebrations

wedding trends

Quirky wedding trends for unique celebrations

Although getting married might be regarded as traditional, today’s wedding ceremonies are anything but. There is a growing trend for couples to make their day as unique and personal to them as possible. Not only does this mean conventional attire or music is not necessarily the norm, but even elements such as location, photography, and food can be given a quirky twist.

Location, location

Legislative changes mean that couples have more choice than ever before when it comes to choosing a location for their wedding ceremony. Provided that the venue has been granted a license, it is now possible to get married in a huge variety of unexpected places. A library, a bowling alley, an amusement park, a ferry, and even a hot air balloon have all been used by couples to mark their special day. Not only does opting for an unusual venue mean you can choose somewhere that is uniquely personal to you but it will also make for a much more memorable day for your guests.


The traditional long white dress may have its roots in history but today’s brides often opt for something a little more suited to their individual taste. Even Angelina Jolie embraced this trend at her recent wedding, opting for an unusual dress embellished with pictures drawn by her children. Stylish evening dresses that can be dyed a different shade and worn again are popular with thrifty brides and elegant vintage dresses are extremely flattering for most shapes. Prom-style shorter frocks are a fun alternative whilst dresses that match the chosen color scheme are also more prevalent.

Dining differently

Even the food at modern weddings doesn’t need to be a traditional sit-down dinner. Hog roasts, barbecues, paella, or even picnics are all great catering options and will certainly get guests talking. Tiered wedding cakes have fallen out of favor with couples choosing instead to celebrate with towers of colorful cupcakes, stacked wheels of cheese, or even pork pies. Another popular addition to many wedding receptions is the inclusion of a sweetie bar, especially if many of the guests are children.

All-important details

The little details are what makes each wedding memorable and it is here that many couples can really go to town with the individual touches. Old-school wedding photography is being replaced by more contemporary styles, such as reportage, quirky photos with lots of fun accessories, and romantic fine art portraiture. When seeking a wedding photographer in Hampshire, firms specialize in capturing the special day in whatever style best suits your day. Choosing the right photographer for the mood or theme of the wedding is vital, especially if you have selected a more unusual venue and would like the photos to reflect that. Traditional almond wedding favors are less popular now as couples opt to give their guests keepsakes such as personalized sweets, shells, decorated pebbles, miniatures of alcohol, or even lottery tickets. Asking each guest to write a message in a memory book also makes a lovely memento of the day.

From unusual locations to weird and wonderful wedding favors, there are plenty of ways for couples to give their special day an unforgettable twist.

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