The Busy Woman’s Guide to Looking Your Best

The Busy Womans Guide

The Busy Woman’s Guide to Looking Your Best

Nowadays most of us are busier than ever. Whether you are studying, raising a family, or going all-out in a new career, your mind and body are working overtime. But it is still important to take some time for yourself so that you look and feel as energized on the outside as you do on the inside.

Getting Enough Sleep

It is widely recognized by health professionals that a lack of sleep can contribute to many medical conditions—including depression, anxiety, and weight gain. The BBC recently published a connection between poor sleep and cancer, and there is more information available on sites. If you lead a busy life, the quality of your sleep is more important than the quantity. A solid eight hours at a reasonable time of night will always beat an afternoon of dozing or even a full day under the duvet. Establish a routine and stick to it, and you will soon see the benefits.

Flattering Clothing

A day of shopping might be out of the question for your schedule or budget, but it is not necessary to break the bank with designer pieces provided that whatever you have chosen fits well. A high street suit or shoes will all look sleek and professional if you have them in the right fit. Be sure to measure regularly and not get too attached to a particular size. They can vary greatly from store to store.

Pampering and Extra Help

A stressful job or holding a family together can both be rewarding but setting time aside for yourself is important. A spa experience can be deeply relaxing, and cosmetic surgery can be an option too. Many women experience stubborn weight gain, especially after pregnancy and turn to surgery to return to a shape they are comfortable with.

Ignite Your Passion

Find something that makes you light up from the inside out. It might be a passion for great food, travel, gardening, sport, the cinema, or salsa dancing! If you are happy with your life it will show in your appearance.

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