6 activities you can do to prevent violence against women

Raise your voice violence against women

6 activities you can do to prevent violence against women

Violence against women in Latin America and in the world continues to be a reality that we have to face on a daily basis. Especially in Peru, thousands of women are violated in the streets, in their communities, and even within their own homes. Discover the activities to prevent violence against women and remember that together we can be part of the change!

And it is that as a consequence of the pandemic and the mandatory quarantine that we have experienced in the country during the last year, the figures of violence against women have increased considerably. Girls, adolescents, and women have been victims of all kinds of abuse at the hands of their partners, relatives, and acquaintances inside and outside their communities. Today, there are fewer and fewer safe spaces to which they can go without feeling violated.

6 activities to prevent violence against women: do them from home!

Listen To The Victims

Prevent violence against women

Recognizing that we have been victims of violence can be difficult. So if a family member or acquaintance is encouraged to tell you about their experience, listen to them! When a woman or a girl -who finds it more difficult- shares her story. She is taking the first step to breaking the cycle of abuse and why it should be pointed out from the beginning. All forms of violence must be denounced because they must not go unpunished! Here, it is very important to remind her that it is not her fault. Nor the fault of the clothes she was wearing, her age, or where she was at the time of the attack. The aggressor is to blame!

Offer her a safe space where she can speak with confidence and feel heard, free from prejudice and blame. Confront the idea that women should avoid situations that are perceived as “dangerous” or limit their lifestyle to avoid being violated. Let’s fight against the macho stereotypes and standards of society!

Educate Your Community And Family

Unfortunately, not many people are aware of the macho impositions that persist in our society today. An excellent way to help prevent violence is education, so you can start with your family members and then reach more people within your community.

Talking about consent, the impact of violence, and how to intervene safely are some of the most important points you can address. UN Women recommends “starting conversations about gender roles at an early age. And questioning the traditional characteristics assigned to men and women. Point out the stereotypes they are constantly up against and let children know that there is nothing wrong with being different.”

Demand Adequate Responses And Services For Victims

Although in Peru there are telephone lines and institutions that deal with cases of violence against women, many times their response is not immediate. It is our duty as citizens to demand that an adequate budget be allocated to these services. And that equal attention is guaranteed to all survivors of violence who need it. Regardless of their nationality, social class, or religion.

Recognize The Signs Of Violence

There are many different forms of violence and all can affect you physically and emotionally. Learning to identify the signs is important to help that friend, acquaintance, or family member get out of this type of situation, without putting her integrity at risk.

It is important to recognize these situations like violence. And not justify them in the hope that the person doing the violence will change. These are risk events that should be alerted, in order to take the necessary prevention and protection measures:

  • Receive harassing messages from your partner.
  • Being afraid of your partner or being anxious to please him.
  • Having limited access to your finances or decision-making.
  • Show negative changes in your appearance or personality.

Create An Intervention Plan

Develop your own personal plan to react immediately to possible cases of violence or messages of help from a victim. You must have the necessary contact numbers for the local police. The national helpline against gender-based violence (Line 100). And any other institution or organization that can care for and keep the affected person safe.

Donate To An NGO That Fights Against Violence

In Peru, there are NGOs and institutions that fight daily against different types of violence. Plan International not only prevents and combats violence against women but also works toward gender equality. The protection of children, and the empowerment of Peruvian girls. And adolescents working with children, adolescents, and young men to engage them as agents of solidarity change.

Ada Mejía, Head of Gender and National Technical Team, explains that the organization focuses on “empowering all girls and adolescents individually while working with the family and the community. We also provide and facilitate access to information, so that they have the necessary tools to exercise their rights and make known the needs and expectations of young women and women”.

Now that you know some of the activities to prevent violence against women, do you want to help us fight and prevent it? With your contribution, we can achieve it! Click here and find out how you can make a donation. The children and adolescents of Peru are counting on you.

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