Benefits of Advanced Placement Classes for College-Bound Teens

Advanced Placement Classes for College-Bound Teens

Benefits of Advanced Placement Classes for College-Bound Teens

You may have heard your teachers talking about advanced placement, or AP, courses and why they’re important if you’re considering going to college. However, a lot of students shy away from them because they are worried that they will negatively impact their GPA scores. The reality is, AP courses are worth more even if you get a lower grade than you would in a regular class. These courses are college-level, which means they offer a number of perks to the high school students that take advantage of them. Don’t believe it?

Let’s review why advanced placement classes should be considered.

You Can Graduate from College Faster

Since AP classes give you college credits, you can graduate from schools¬†much sooner. According to stats released from the U.S. Department of Education, it shows that the average time for a bachelor’s degree was much shorter for students that took advanced placement courses in high school. Those who don’t take AP courses graduate within six years and four months and those that did take AP courses graduate in five years and 10 months after leaving high school.

You Save Money On Tuition

Since you spend less time in college, your tuition savings will be nominal. The cost for taking the AP exam is around $89. The cost for one college year averages around $22,826 at a public school and $44,75 at a private school. So if you end up doing well on your AP exam, you could save substantially.

It’s Impressive On Your College Application

You don’t want to be one of the many seniors who submit an unimpressive application to colleges. Aside from being involved in your community and getting good grades, you can impress admissions officers by showing off your AP class grades. This shows them that you’re not afraid to challenge yourself academically and if you scored highly, this is even better. But keep in mind, a C in an AP course is worth more than an A in a regular class. So don’t worry if you feel AP classes will be a bit of a struggle.

Increase Chances of Getting a Scholarship

About 31 percent of colleges and universities offer scholarships to students that take advanced placement classes in high school. If the financial officers are impressed with your transcripts, you could end up getting merit aid. It’s good to inquire about this when considering which colleges to apply to.

More Room for Other Courses

Since you’ve taken certain basic college courses while still in high school, you will have more time to pursue other courses. You can focus on a second minor or major, electives, or even study abroad. If you don’t want to do anything extra, you can just stay the course and graduate sooner. But remember, this is the time to explore courses outside of your requirements, so don’t hesitate to expand your horizons. You can even take up a few classes at AU Online. Taking other courses can help spruce up your work applications as well.

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