Top ten tips for women entrepreneurs

Tips for women entrepreneurs

Top ten tips for women entrepreneurs

If you google “ advice for women ” you will probably find a lot of results like “fashion tips, how to lose weight, dating tips” and a lot more like that, and while there is nothing wrong with these topics, as women entrepreneurs we have bigger ambitions. Ambitions such as starting a new business, or growing our business internationally. That is why I have given myself the task of writing this list of 10 tips for women entrepreneurs:

Donate Your Skills

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Advertising is expensive, but the easiest way to do good PR is by donating our services a few times a year to charity. An example could be a photographer, who takes low-cost family photos for Christmas and donates the profits to an organization dedicated to providing happy Christmases to low-income children and their families. This charity action attracts the attention of local newspapers and they make a note that it is published in the newspaper for free. The result? An increase in clients, some are new clients.

Be Grateful

Sharon Armstrong is an author who has her own consulting business of her own. “I have had my own business since 2000 and my best advice for success is always to say thank you to those people who helped us grow our business. Never forget them! And if possible, always thank them personally.”

Always Keep Moving Forward

Remember that success is always within your reach. No matter what happens or what obstacle stands in your way, there is always a way to overcome it, turn that problem into an opportunity, or simply gather courage and defeat it head-on. This means that we always have to keep moving forward.

Raise Your Voice And Promote Yourself

Do not be afraid to promote yourself, we are living in the era of social media, social networks, and making ourselves heard. If you are still afraid to get noticed, you can balance it by giving something to your audience or target market at the same time, promoting your services, showing off your products, and granting an incentive in charge.

Practice Your Social Skills

Do everything you can to build a feeling of community with your customers. You can do this with a social responsibility campaign, a Facebook page, a blog, or an email newsletter, or simply by involving them in some aspect of your business. Contests are another great idea. Building a community with your customers creates an added value much greater than any other benefit you can offer them for sale. On the other hand, it makes your business a lot more fun!

Aim High

It never hurts to ask questions or try to go after something you really want. To gain exposure or build relationships, you should go all out in pursuit of your goals and seize every opportunity that comes your way. Many of the marketing and public relations opportunities only present themselves if you ask questions and take advantage of answers.

Schedule Yourself, Create A Schedule

Respect your schedule, because no one else will do it for you. If you are very flexible and always “ available”, you will end up working 25 hours a day, 8 days a week. Create a firm schedule where you have a time as “not available”, and you will learn to manage your time. People will respect you more when you respect your own limits.

Give Your Employees The Opportunity To Grow

Create an environment in which your employees feel that they “own their work”. In this way, they will become expert leaders in their area of ​​​​work and will be motivated to continue growing and achieving success every day. I really believe that if this environment is created, your collaborators will commit to their responsibilities and give an extra, and they will work better because they know how important their role is for the company.

Make Every Conversation Count

Every business connection needs to be meaningful, both online (social media) and in “real” life. If you take the time to attend a networking and business mixer event. Continue your relationships with people, follow up on them, and you will create stronger and more important connections.

Join An Active Business Group

Normally all of us, as businessmen or entrepreneurs, join a group or business chamber. But we do it for reputation and we do not really participate in it. But if we attend conferences, participate in discussion forums, and volunteer for chamber activities. More people will know who we are and will want to work with us because they will see us as a stock company.

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