Female empowerment: the struggle that must unite men and women

Female empowerment benefits

Female empowerment: the struggle that must unite men and women

What does it mean to be born a girl? What does female empowerment entail? While you think about it, let us tell you something. Moon Sharma’s grandmother was raised when she was born. Of happiness? No. She cried with sorrow. She would have preferred a boy. But don’t be surprised. It is common for there to be a preference for boys in India.

She grew up aware of this gender inequality. And she fought against the discrimination that forces them, for example, to marry as children. Today, Moon Sharma chairs  Tara Projects, a New Delhi Fair Trade cooperative.

What Is Female Empowerment?

Necessity of female empowerment

Although it seems like something new, female empowerment has been going on for years. In 1995, at the World Women’s Conference in Beijing, he was already being talked about.

In short, female empowerment is the process that allows women to increase their participation in all aspects of their personal and social life. Thanks to him, they can be masters of their lives and participate fully and equally in all areas of their society, including decision-making and access to power.

And did you know that it also recognizes the leading role or preponderance that women play individually and collectively? Yes, that role has traditionally gone unnoticed…

Does Female Empowerment Benefit Only Women?

According to UNESCO data, female empowerment would favorably influence the reduction of early marriages of girls under 15 years of age, as well as early motherhood of those under 17 in Sub-Saharan Africa and South and West Asia:

  • If girls had access to primary education, early marriages would be reduced by 14% and by 64% if they had access to secondary education.
  • Regarding early pregnancies, they would be reduced by 10% if girls had access to primary education and by 59% if they had access to secondary education.

But female empowerment does not favor only women. It enriches the whole society. In Beijing, it has already become clear that female empowerment…

  • It is essential to achieve equality, development, and peace.
  • It is key to eradicating poverty.
  • Promotes social justice.

Three Keys To Female Empowerment

Other international organizations also point out the importance of their role in…

  • Promote inclusive economic growth. The UN Global Compact indicates that gender diversity contributes to improving company results. More than $12 trillion could be added to global GDP if the full capabilities of girls and women were developed.
  • To end hunger. The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations  (FAO) explains that it helps ensure food security. When rural women have access to appropriate resources, tools, and knowledge, families, and communities improve and become stronger: children go to school, families are healthier, agricultural productivity and incomes increase… All this is achieved by women. women through their work as producers and providers of food.
  • Take care of the environment. UNESCO observes a relationship between the educational empowerment of girls and women and the protection of the planet. In this way, there would be a greater possibility of approving environmental treaties in those countries where there are more women in parliament.

Societies have been characterized by women’s lower decision-making capacity than men in matters that affect them. Empowerment is the change that allows achieving equality between both. It is the process that transforms society. It allows women to participate, decide and make their voice and vote heard.

Likewise, the United Nations Development  Program (UNDP) indicates that the majority of the illiterate and poor population in the world are women, and that, in addition, they suffer systematic violence both in the privacy of their homes and in armed conflicts.

Why Don’t You Contribute To Making Female Empowerment Possible?

Women have talent, competence, intelligence… It is the attitudes, comments, or behavior of other people that are limiting their fundamental rights. The HeForShe and Spotlight initiatives have united the world for equality and against gender-based violence. Let’s do something? We can start with:

  • A fair distribution of domestic and family responsibilities. Usually, it has not been a fair thing. But more and more men are assuming responsibility for housework and the care and upbringing of children. Instilling gender equality from childhood is possible by distributing, for example, tasks between boys and girls.
  • End gender stereotypes. There has also been a belief that men and women should play certain roles in society according to their gender. It is necessary to recognize the capabilities of women because they are not less suitable for a gender issue.
  • Ensure the fundamental rights of women. We must continue working to prevent and eliminate any form of violence against girls and women, promote their access to education and training, as well quality health.
  • Guarantee equal treatment at work. Men and women doing the same job should receive the same pay and benefits.

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