The 7 Habits Women With Ultra-Shiny Hair Share

Shiny Hair tips

The 7 Habits Women With Ultra-Shiny Hair Share

Have you decided to give your hair the pampering it deserves and finally achieve the strong, shiny hair you’ve always dreamed of? There are many factors that influence when it comes to achieving what we would call great hair, from diet to washing ritual, which should be different if you have fine hair. Marina A. Marañón, the trainer of the firm Klorane & Elancyl, sums it up in a very graphic way: “Hair is like a plant, you have to take care of both the outside of the plant (the hair) and the land that supports Item. (the scalp ), which is why it is essential to take care of both, both with a correct diet and with cosmetic products that will make our hair healthier and therefore more beautiful”.Thus, there are a series of factors that help us achieve prettier hair and we have synthesized seven with the help of experts.

Moisturize well, especially from the middle to the ends

7 Shiny Hair tips

The outermost part of the hair, the cuticles, are like scales that, if not properly sealed, are open doors that let the water out of the hair. And allow the entry of all kinds of harmful external agents. That causes dehydration of the hair, making it more fragile. To avoid this, the Klorane expert explains that it is essential to frequently use a balm from the middle to the ends every time we wash our hair. That is just two minutes is capable of sealing the cuticles. Favoring detangling and restoring hair hydration, acting as a shield against external agents. There are more ‘critical’ situations: the dye has just been applied, with the abuse of thermal treatments (irons, dryers), after a vacation in the sun… It is then that the hair becomes even more dehydrated and for this reason it is advisable to apply it in a timely manner. a mask as a shock treatment. Finally, there are products without rinsing, such as hair day creams, which, by simply applying a hazelnut to the ends, we manage to avoid frizz, split ends and therefore preserve the daily hydration of the hair.

‘Listen’ to the scalp

The scalp is the base where the hair is sustained. Therefore, it must be taken care of with great care, since any alteration in this part can lead to hair loss, among other things. “Although we may not be so aware, the main product that cares for the scalp is shampoo. So it is important to use a mild one, respectful of the scalp”, tells us Marina A. Marañón, who explains that we must choose the shampoo based on how we have the scalp and not how we have our hair. . “To detect how we have it, we ask ourselves this simple question: How often can we clean our hair? If it can last us a long time clean during the week, it is that we have a dry scalp. And therefore we need a moisturizing or nourishing shampoo and on the contrary. If it can last us very little clean, it is greasy and we need an astringent shampoo with a great cleaning power”, he tells us.

Take care of food

As Marina A. Marañón explains, the hair in its innermost part is fed by vitamins and minerals that are in our body. And that we obtain through food. Therefore, we must bear in mind that a healthy diet also influences our hair. It is convenient to eliminate processed foods, eat less meat, less salt, and less sugar. And increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables, nuts, or sprouts such as soybeans, alfalfa, broccoli, or onion. Which provide extraordinary nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that will keep a healthy body and shiny hair. But there are times when our lifestyle prevents us from having a proper diet. Therefore, our hair can be malnourished and leading to hair loss and hair thinning problems. That is why it is recommended at key times of the year (season changes, stress peaks, postpartum period, diets…) to do 3-month shock treatments with a food supplement in the form of capsules that will provide those vitamins and minerals that may be missing. (as  Martin by Nuggela & Sulé).

Exercise extreme caution when wet

“When wet is the most delicate state of the hair because it is more elastic and tends to split,” says María Baras, creative director of Cheska, who explains that she always recommends not leaving the house with wet hair, especially in the cold, because “it suffers much more, it is much more sensitive to changes in temperature”. In addition, he insists that when untangling it wet you have to be very careful because when you pull it you can split it. “That’s why I always recommend brushing it before washing it because it’s better to remove those knots with dry hair than with wet hair. I’m seeing more and more girls with parted hair, especially if it’s fine. And you also have to avoid pigtails with wet hair, because they also part the hair”. Eduardo Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez, agrees: “Hair is more fragile when it is wet, so it is preferable to brush it dry before washing. This guarantees a safe disentanglement without breakage. After washing, carefully use a wide-toothed comb that respects the hair and is suitable for all types of hair.”

Dedicate five minutes to it before going to bed

We know that there are nights when all you want is to go to bed after cleaning your face. But it is also important to spend a few minutes on your hair before bed. Thus, Natalia Olmo, creator of Maminat, recommends brushing your hair before going to bed to promote blood circulation. He recommends doing it with “wooden brushes because they don’t frizz the hair. And it is that in addition, brushing exfoliates the scalp, removes product residues, and enhances shine. Add one more suggestion for the night: “For those people who have long hair, I always recommend sleeping with a loose braid. or with a bun held with a clip at the top. That way, they don’t get their hair stepped on and it won’t pull up or break.”

Wash it correctly

After choosing the shampoo, you have to wash your hair correctly. “Distribute it first in both hands and then work it on the root for at least three minutes and finally rinse it with plenty of warm water and cold water at the end,” advises Adolfo Remartínez, creator of Nuggela & Sulé.

Cut every three months… unless you have it fine

Each hair is different and, for this reason, María Baras, creative director of Cheska. Explains, personalizing the cut and treatment is important. “In general terms, we could say that every three months. But if you have fine hair, every two months, you have to cut your hair clean, a few millimeters, but remove the entire tip to strengthen it. Meanwhile, for people with great hair, a well-done cut can last up to four months or more. That’s why I like to talk about time, not centimeters because it depends on each case. If you want to leave it long, you have super healthy and shiny hair. And the shape lasts a long time, you can cut it every four months. And, furthermore, you don’t only have to go when the ends are in poor condition. “A cut and a custom color is the perfect combination to beautify a woman. The best way to highlight the texture, light, and natural movement of the hair”, assures Eduardo Sánchez, director of Maison Eduardo Sánchez.

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