How to make up your eyes according to color and shape

make up your eyes according to color and shape

How to make up your eyes according to color and shape

In a world completely transformed by this moment of emergency, it is the eyes that reign supreme. The mask covers half the face and the attention shifts entirely to the gaze which becomes our only means of communication to understand and make ourselves understood. Make-up trends also evolve in this direction, giving greater emphasis to eye make-up.

To best enhance your look it is good to know how to make up your eyes according to the size and color: there are some very useful guidelines to always highlight the upper part of your face in the right way.

How to make up brown eyes

Brown eyes and, more generally, dark eyes give an idea of ​​depth and intensity to those who meet them: it is, therefore, right to enhance this feature with effective make-up, but without exaggerating. From the point of view of make-up, the choice of make-up for brown eyes is decidedly more varied and versatile than make-up for light eyes.

Let’s start by specifying that brown is a color that comes out of the sum of red, yellow, and blue: often, therefore, brown eyes have a predominant yellow-orange. Information that is useful when it comes to choosing the color of the eyeshadow to match our eyes.

Natural make-up for brown eyes is created with two neutral colors, to which you then go to add a lighter and a darker color, respectively for the inner and outer part of the eyes. Let’s start by applying a soft color, such as cream or ivory, all over the eyelid, and then blend a brownish eyeshadow in the upper part of the outside of the eye, which recalls the tone of our iris. At this point, we complete everything with a touch of light pearly white eyeshadow in the inner corner and a touch of dark brown eyeshadow on the outside.

The trick to hazel eyes really magnetic may also be more complex, and in this case, we rely on a striking color like purple. How to make up brown eyes for a super cool effect? Let’s first proceed with a slight cut crease using a magenta eyeshadow, then apply a purple eyeshadow on the rest of the eyelid, perhaps in a dark and cold shade. For perfect makeup for brown eyes, remember to blend the purple eyeshadow also towards the lower outer corner of the eyes and further intensify the look with mascara.

How to make up green eyes

After seeing how to do dark eye make-up we now move on to lighter shades. Green irises are highlighted by rusty and reddish tones, but also stand out with colors such as burgundy, plum, purple, and aubergine.

For those who love a romantic and delicate look, we use a light pink eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid and add a touch of purple on the outer part of the eye, taking care to blend a little also on the outer part of the lower inner rim.

For a more sophisticated mood, however, we can combine purple with a pearly shimmer or silver shimmer eyeshadow, creating a perfect mix for the evening or a special occasion.

How to make up blue eyes

Make-up experts know it well: when it comes to choosing how to make up your light eyes, the first step is to create a black frame that enhances its natural depth. The eyeliner, therefore, becomes the best ally of blue eyes. A cat-eye mood will conquer everyone at first glance!

With blue eyes, then, warm tones, such as gold and bronze, also perfectly match. We can choose to use them in lighter shades for a natural daytime look or turn to darker shades for an evening, sensual, and glam chic look.

Eye make-up of different shapes: tips and tricks

It is not only the color that comes into play when it comes to the look: also the shape contributes in a decisive way to the choice of eye make-up that really manages to do us justice. Let’s see together, following the advice of Idea Bellezza, how to make up the eyes depending on the shape and size.

How to make up almond eyes? In this case, the advice is to play with two-tone eyeshadows, starting from the darker one on the fixed eyelid and gradually smoking in the light to make the eyes open and bright.

How to make up small eyes? This is where mascara comes into play, necessary to broaden the look. The Rimmel in the small eye make-up must then be combined with clear and luminous eyeshadows and the double use of the eye pencil: the black one must be applied in the lower rhyme, but only in the external part; on the inside, on the other hand, pencils with light shades, such as champagne, butter or nude, are preferred.

How to make up big eyes? When it comes to large and rounded eyes, the first strengths to highlight with make-up are the crease of the eye and the lash line. So let’s spread a light eyeshadow on the mobile eyelid and create a cut crease in the crease with a dark eyeshadow. To highlight, instead, the area near the lash line we use an eyeliner. We complete the makeup with a volumizing and lengthening mascara and a butter-colored pencil to be applied inside the lower rim.

With these small, but useful indications, we will be able to make the most of our eyes every day, with shades and techniques suitable for the various moods and different occasions of the day. The look says who you are, the right make-up underlines it!

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