The 10 best pregnancy books to read

best pregnancy books

The 10 best pregnancy books to read

Is this normal that happens to me? What can I eat Why am I so sleepy? What awaits me on the day of delivery? Will I be a good mother? Since you see the positive in the test and your doctor confirms that you are pregnant, hundreds of doubts do not stop arising in your head. Your gynecologist will solve many of them, but not all of them are medical. And it is always better to have a little extra help. That’s what pregnancy books are for.

Some are so fantastic that they hardly leave any doubts unresolved. In this post, we have made a selection of the 10 pregnancy books for pregnant women that can help you the most in all areas: emotional, medical, physiological, and preparation for parenting.

Pregnancy is a wonderful stage in a woman’s life, but it also involves a multitude of physical and hormonal changes for which no one has prepared us. Not to mention the enormous responsibility of living a life within yourself. You worry about any unexpected symptoms and want to lead the best possible lifestyle to ensure their health and safety.

If to all this we add the natural fear of childbirth and if we will know how to do it well in parenting, we have a cocktail that makes pregnant women not stop hitting the head in the nine months of gestation.

In addition to bombarding your gynecologist with questions at each visit, the best thing you can do is read a book about pregnancy and about raising these 10 that we propose. It is not about reading them all, but about choosing the ones that you think best suit your needs and will best solve all your doubts.

pregnancy books to read

They are very different pregnancy books from each other. Because each future mother looks for different things when she is pregnant and not all of us ask ourselves the same thing.

There are classic pregnancy guides, which solve all the doubts you may have.

We also recommend books that focus on more specific aspects, such as diet or the psychological changes that motherhood brings.

The books on parenting are among our favorites. And to finish we suggest a little humor.

All of them are written by prestigious professionals who approach motherhood and pregnancy from a multitude of different perspectives.

What To Expect When You Are Expecting. Heidi Murkoff

This book is a classic that does not go out of style. Many call it the pregnancy bible because it really is so complete. Few doubts regarding the natural process of pregnancy, childbirth, and the puerperium will arise that you will not see resolved, in one way or another, in this book.

It is quite voluminous, but its reading is enjoyable because it is divided by months and weeks of pregnancy, and little by little it introduces all the topics. Each chapter includes a question and answer section with the most common doubts at that stage.

And at the end of the book, he talks about more specific topics like twin pregnancies or illnesses.

Pregnancy And Childbirth: Everything You Need To Know For Clumsy. Emilio Santos Leal

The gynecologist and psychiatrist Emilio Santos Leal explains in this book everything you need to know about pregnancy and childbirth, trying to escape stereotypes and prejudices. Following the line of the ‘for clumsy’ books, the expert tries to convince parents not to allow themselves to be treated like this by professionals. Give them tools so that they know the process of pregnancy and know how to defend themselves.

It is a very enjoyable and practical book. It is less dense than the previous one but includes the basic information about this process.

Nine Months Of Waiting: Josefina Ruiz Vega And Mª Concepción Díez Rubio

This book is considered the bible of pregnancy in Spanish. It is less known than Murkoff’s, but it really is a very complete book that solves most of the doubts that may arise about pregnancy, both physically and emotionally. It is written by Dr. Ruiz, a gynecologist, and Dr. Díez, a psychiatrist, so it perfectly combines both perspectives, something that other books do not do.

It has the advantage that both are Spanish, so the explanations on the medical aspects of the pregnancy and delivery follow-up are in line with what is done in Spain. Something that does not happen with foreign pregnancy books.

The Challenge Of Being A Mother: Nuria Mollá

If you have had enough about pregnancy, we recommend that you spend some of your time reading Nuria Mollá to discover the most practical aspects of parenting. This book talks about bottles, strollers, feeding, tantrums, toys, and a host of other details. You will appreciate being forewarned.

Kiss Me A Lot. Carlos Gonzalez

The well-known book by pediatrician Carlos González is a defense manual for parenting with attachment and respect. Reading it dismantles many prejudices about children and teaches us to look at them differently. Among other issues, it addresses issues such as sleeping, eating or tantrums. An essential.

A Present For The Whole Life. Carlos Gonzalez

It is impossible to keep a single book by González. Bésame mucho is her best-known work, but A Gift for Life is a book that all pregnant women who want to breastfeed should read. A guide to knowing to breastfeed well and solve any problem that arises along the way.

Breastfeeding is one of the processes related to parenting that tends to arouse the most doubts. Many breastfeeds fail due to a lack of knowledge and support. So reading this book while you are pregnant can help you a lot. González’s maxim is that practically all women, except in exceptional cases due to illness, are prepared to breastfeed their babies.

The Best Of Our Lives. Lucia Galán

Lucía Galán, better known to all as Lucía, my pediatrician, has a special sensitivity when it comes to approaching motherhood and parenting.

In this book, she combines her experience as a pediatrician and as a mother to talk, chapter by chapter, about pregnancy, childbirth, the different stages of childhood, adolescence, conflicts, diseases …

A very beautiful book that will excite you on more than one occasion if you read it pregnant. And that you will want to reread during parenting.

We recommend that you also read You are a wonderful mother and The trip of your life, by the same author. Two books in which she continues to address aspects of motherhood and parenting and in which she combines her personal experience as a mother with examples of cases that she has seen in the performance of her profession.

Motherhood And The Encounter With One’s Own Shadow: Laura Gutman

Argentine therapist Laura Gutman explores in this book the psychological changes that being a mother causes in a woman and how other moments of her life prior to her influence the way in which she will face motherhood. It addresses the connection between mother and baby during the puerperium and the effects it has on both.

The Maternal Knot. Jane Lazarre

In this raw and intense book, writer Jane Lazarre recounts her own experience with motherhood. The clash of expectation with reality, pain, exhaustion, frustration are part of motherhood and Lazarre tells you about it.

An uncomfortable, but the necessary book, which also talks about roles and machismo and the need for support that mothers have and that they do not always find in society.

Not Geek Parents: How To Have A Baby And Not Become Corny. Ata Arróspide

Not everything is going to be guides and manuals. This time we recommend a tremendously fun book.

As its name suggests, the book laughs at how nerdy most mortals become when they are parents and gives you the keys to try to escape this trend and maintain your essence. Will you be able to resist filling your baby with bows? Or to talk to him with music and big gestures?

Here is our selection of pregnancy books on pregnancy and parenting. Ideal for both future moms and fathers to read, who should also soak up the topic, don’t you think?

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